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Do one thing this week

Each newsletter will have an idea for you to try out in your session. Give it a go, see how it works for your classes or how you might adapt it.

This weeks idea is related to mobile phones.

If you have issues with students and mobile phones in your class, banning them just gives you the possibility of confrontation.

Try thinking about how they can use the device to help them in your lessons. mobile devices have access to google where over 3 billion questions are answered every day. They also have access to calculators, socrative and many other things that might help.

They do not need them all the time though

Instead of banning them, try using a traffic light system.

Red. No mobile phones needed in lesson today. Not to be seen

Amber. Mobile phones will be used but when teachers say. Leave in Bag

Green. Mobile phones integral to the lesson. Leave on desk

Update from Mr Davey

Use a seat belt sign to show whether they can use them or not. Just like on a plane.

Thanks Ben


Twitter for CPD

I have been using twitter for a couple of years now as a tool to enhance my own practice. For years i always saw it as a tool used be celebrities to inflate their egos but was introduced to it by a few teachers and soon saw the benefit.

With school budgets becoming tighter it might be difficult to get tailored CPD to suit your needs. That is where twitter really helps. If you are looking for inspiration, resources or just a colleague to bounce ideas off then this solves these issues.

Simply create a professional account (one that you will only use for teaching) then search for #ukedchat. It is how twitter works to get tweets all in one place, this hashtag is what a lot of great teachers use so if you search for that, you will find them. Most teachers highlight their subjects but to be honest, good teaching ideas are good teaching ideas so look beyond your subject for inspiration.

Seriously give it a go, whats the worst that could happen?


Another fast growing movement to help you develop your own CPD and create great networks are teachmeets. They are basically a set of teachers presenting on what they are doing in their classrooms and how it is impacting on students learning. They are free events and you do not need to present but can simply soak up the ideas. Presentations usually last around 5 mins and are designed to get teachers thinking about how the idea might work in their own practice. Her is a great link to a list of teachmeets all over the country.

We will be having our very own teachmeet soon so you will see first hand how it works, however i urge you to venture outside to really see what is going on.

I recently took part in an international teachmeet for PE teachers, this was done online and comprised of teachers sharing their ideas via video link. Teachers from Australia, America, Canada, the Middle East and Asia all took part and some great ideas were shared. You can see the recordings below by following the link.

Heads of PE Teachmeet

This week saw us host the first HoPE teachmeet for Bristol. 10 schools came over and we had 8 presentations on teaching and learning. This was a great CPD tool and helped spread simple messages about simple ideas to impact on students learning.

One presentation to highlight was from Jamie Collin at Cotham School who looked at Feedback and Feedforward. His presentation was based on 3 simple rules. When giving critique on work it should be;

Kind, find something positive

Specific, comments should be detailed

Helpful, comments should lead to improvement

Read his blog below for more details.

iPads and teaching

IPads at CAB

Lots of staff are now starting to see the real benefit of using iPads in teaching and more importantly, so are the students. The number of students that are using their own devices is growing and i truly believe that this is an opportunity to really change the culture of teaching and learning at the Academy.

It is too easy to just focus on the outcomes in education and in doing this we completely miss the journey. So many teachers are doing great things in their classroom to really get students being creative and to think about how they are learning. The iPad is a tool to really enhance this process.

Over the coming months I will focus on specific apps or ways to develop use of devices in the classroom and how it can impact on student learning, even to the point of them wanting to do work at home!!!!!

Uploading To You Tube

Other good links


Below are some articles that have been shared with me via Twitter. Some great tips on things you can do in tyour classroom, ideas about pedagogy and inspiration to develop your teaching and learning. Teachers are starting to keep blogs of their own learning which can become a hugely valuable resource for other teachers.