West Park School - T4 Wk3

Friday, November 4, 2022

Principal's Message

Kia ora, Talofa, Kia orana,

Greetings Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers,

Thank you to those families that have contacted the school to let us know that your child won’t be back in 2023. Knowing that information is very important to us, as a small number of students can have a significant impact on our planning and structures.

Towards the end of next week there will be a separate correspondence announcing the confirmed 2023 team structures and staffing allocations. Soon thereafter, the process for allocating students to their 2023 classes and teams will commence. This will take into consideration a large number of variables including academic needs, social needs and teacher strengths. The process is one that teachers devote a large amount of time to in order to ensure the best possible structure for all students within the available resources.

Following next week’s staffing correspondence, if there are any specific requests or information you would like staff to take into consideration when making the 2023 student allocations, please make your request in written form and deliver them to the school office marked ‘Confidential’ by Tuesday 15th of November. Please note that placement requests will be considered in making the final allocations, however no guarantee is given that requests will be met. When the lists are finalised they will be communicated and/or displayed accordingly. Towards the end of the term students will have the opportunity to come together in their 2023 class and spend some time with their 2023 classroom teacher and class mates.

End of Year Reports

End of Year Reports will be uploaded to each child’s Seesaw account on the afternoon of Tuesday the 13th of December. Students will also be given a hardcopy of their report to take home on that same Friday.

Primary Teachers Union Meeting

Teachers in our school will be attending paid union meetings in the week of 14-25 November to discuss the progress of negotiations for their collective employment agreements, the proposed unified public service pay offer and their Wāwāhi Tahā | Time 4 Tamariki campaign.

This campaign aims to win smaller class sizes, more support for high needs students, better recognition of cultural skills, greater job security for our essential relievers and to fairly value and recognise the work of teachers.

Our eligible teachers will be attending the union meetings on either Thursday the 17th of November (1.45-3.00pm). or Friday the 18th of November (1.45-3.00pm). Our school will aim to ensure the least disruption to children's learning while upholding the right of teachers to participate in their union meeting.

Scooters and Bike

It is great to see the large number of kids who are now riding scooters or bikes to school, unfortunately many are doing so without helmets. As a school we can’t enforce the wearing of helmets to or from school but do ask that you encourage your child to wear one. Over the past few years we’ve had several nasty injuries that could have been avoided by having worn a helmet. Please help us keep your children safe.

A couple of items from Life's Little Instruction Book

· Be a good loser.

· Be a good winner.

Have a lovely weekend.

Luis Echegaray


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Junior School Update

As an introduction to our new sandlab area, Room 5 and 6 spent some time digging for buried treasure. There were three hidden tokens for the children to find and prizes for those who did. Room 5 & 6 were among one of the first classes to use this area and were thrilled by this opportunity.

After their time in the sandpit, they had a discussion about the types of rules they want the pupils at West Park to follow while using this space and problem solved how they are going to monitor when their time in the sandpit was up during break times.

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Middle School Update

This week Team Rimu students are having swimming lessons at the Keith Spry Pool. Each child has been assessed and put into ability groups. Some of the children are swimming lengths in the main pool to improve their endurance and work on all the different strokes. The rest of the children are swimming in the learners pool to build on confidence and skills. They are all doing very well and enjoying the lessons.

As some classes have quite a long wait they are having a lovely time exploring the new Johnsonville library before or after their lessons.

Senior School Update

In team Kahikatea we have been starting our inquiry unit into the Government. We started off by having a virtual tour of Parliament, where we were taken around the different buildings and rooms and learnt heaps of interesting facts! Did you know that Parliament House wasn’t ever fully complete due to the workers being needed in the war and that's why the stairs are not in the middle of the building! We were lucky enough to have access to a parliament expert for a full hour with inside knowledge and secrets! We are excited to learn more about the way governments work and how parliament is structured. We are even hoping to hold our own classroom debates on issues that are important to us and classroom elections!

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School Notices and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Thursday, 10 November - Year 6 at Raroa Int. Showcase show

Friday, 11 November - Faifai evening at Raroa Intermediate

Monday, 14 November - Board meeting at 6.15pm in Room 15

- Team Kahikatea – Zero Waste

- Northern Zone Athletics

Thursday, 17 November - 2023 Road Patrollers training day

Friday, 25 November - Northern Zone Primary Citizenship awards

Monday, 28 November - Totara and Miro – Zero Waste (visit 1)

Tuesday, 29 November - Totara and Miro – Zero Waste (visit 2)

Thursday, 1 December - Junior School Picnic

Tuesday, 6 December - Interzone Athletics

- Year 1-3 Athletics Day

Tuesday, 13 December - Year 1and 2 Water Play day

- Team Rimu trip to Wellington

- Year 6 graduation

Thursday, 15 December - Year 6 graduation

West Park School Board of Trustees approved 2023 Term dates are as follows:

  • Term 1: Tuesday 31 January - Thursday 6 April

  • Term 2: Monday 24 April – Friday 30 June

  • Term 3: Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

  • Term 4: Monday 9 October – Thursday 14 December

Community Notices

Christmas Parade 2022

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Robotics and Coding Lessons for Students

Guruface is an online education company offering various courses for skill development. We accommodate the training requirements of Corporate Companies and School Students.

One of our main areas of training is Robotics and Coding lessons to the children in the age group of 8-18. We can provide different levels of robotic lessons based on the age group.

We would like to offer a free session on Robotics and Coding. This session will deal with the basics of Robotics and career opportunities related to them. It helps students gain the basic things needed to get into the world of Robotics.

Kindly let us know if you are interested to connect with us. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa

PADA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa) is looking to employ a new General Manager in November. The role would be suited to a parent with management skills looking for part-time work 15 hours during mostly school hours.

PADA provides education and training to healthcare providers supporting parents experiencing anxiety of depression during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.

Further information about the job can be found on our website https://pada.nz/turanga-watea-vacancies/.

Johnsonville Scouts

Johnsonville Scouts have space for youth between the ages of 5-14. Keas age 6-8, Cubs 8-11, Scouts 11-14.

Every year we help 13,000 young people in New Zealand enjoy new adventures, experience the outdoors, make new connections, and gain confidence. This includes outdoor activities and leadership.

We are also on the lookout for new Leaders in our Group. It is a great and fun opportunity.
To make contact with us, please email Johnsonville@group.scouts.nz

Would you like to host an international student for Onslow College?

We need families who are willing to share their home with Year 10-13 international students from July 2022. We offer a competitive weekly allowance and on-going support.

This is a great opportunity for you and your family to learn about different cultures, share New Zealand culture and values, and practise your language skills.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of hosting, please send us a brief description about yourself and your family, including why you are interested in hosting an international student to homestay@onslow.school.nz

The Flying Femmes - Circus Show

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Kelly Sports


A weekly multi sports programme that provides an essential base for children's motor skills and help build confidence and coordination.
The programme gives children skills and confidence in a fun and enjoyable environment.

It also encourages their enthusiasm for sports and the life skills that such involvement brings – giving them confidence to join sports clubs and teams in the future.

The sports we will be focussing on in Term 4 are:
Rippa Rugby, T-Ball, Cricket and Football
Enrol at https://kellysports.co.nz/kelly_events/view/14742



Aimed for beginners, this is a 8 week football skills programme held at the Green Room, Wests Rugby Club Rooms, Ian Galloway Park, Wilton, on Wednesday's from 3.30pm-4.30pm.

Come and learn all about Football! This programme covers both individual and team skills including, Game rules, Ball control, Dribbling, Passing, Tackling, Defence, Team work, Goalkeeping, practice and warm up drills for players and teams. It is ideal to improve skills and confidence .

It’s also great practice for the summer series football competition.

To book go https://kellysports.co.nz/kelly_events/view/14831

Kelly Club

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School Holiday Fun

Pride Lands



Dates: 19th – 23rd DEC 2022 and 9th JAN – 3rd FEB 2023, from 7.00am-6pm daily.

Interactive Activities and NO TV or Video Games.

Cooking, Fitness, and Life Skills Programme creating healthy Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Teas.

One-on-one care and shuttle services available.

Daily: $81.04/cub per session or $137.77 for two siblings per session.

Weekly: $324.16 per cub/week or $551.07 for two siblings/week .

MSD Approved & WINZ subsidies are available for eligible families.

Please contact us: 0800 PRIDE 4 U Or Register online: www.PRIDELANDS.co.nz or Visit our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/PrideLandsChildcare

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