My Genius

I am important because I am responsible for another human being. My son makes me very important in this world. He needs me for many things and I want to be able to be with him as much as possible. I am also important to my parents who care for me too much at times. I matter to my friends as a person to relay on. I am flattered to be important to someone.

I am important to myself in order to reach my goals and be successful in life. I want to be successful in my education. I also want to be a person of importance in a job. I would like to make a difference and be important to many. I want to be a person to admire. :)

What breaks your heart

What breaks my heart are teens who commit suicide. It is sad to think that someone or something has had an affect on a person so much for them not to be able to handle it. Teens who commit suicide I think usually have family problems. It is sad to think that they do not believe they have any way out and the only way is by taking their lives. I think everyone can get through the hardest things as time passes.

The teens suicides that absolutely break my heart are boys or girls who take their lives over a girl or a boy. I do not think your life is worth losing for someone else. I think these teens lack affection at home that they get in a way obsessed. I believe every teens problem starts at home than outside events either help or make it worse. I think parents can prevent this from happening by being close to their kids.

What you fear the most

The thing i fear the most is the dark. When I am in the dark I start to imagine things. I do not like not being able to see at a short distance. I feel claustrophobic in the dark. I just prefer to have some sort of light in the room. It seems childish that I fear the dark at this age and as a mother.

Till this day I still sleep with a lamp or with the television on. My son already fears the dark I have to leave a light on when I leave him asleep in a room. Like my son, I also feared the dark sense a child. My mind plays tricks on me in the dark. I would like to overcome my fear one day.

My biggest dreams

My biggest dreams are to get a career, own my own home, have a job I love, save up money for my sons college in the future, and be close to the people that I care about. My dreams are very important to me their goals I wish to reach. I have many motivations in life that help me and give me strength to keep going. My family is always supporting me and making sure I am in the right path.

My dreams are realistic to me and I believe everything is possible. My mom is a person I will forever admire everything she sets her mind to she achieves. My mom is a person that is very determined and I want to be like her. My dreams will be reached at some point in my life. I believe in my ability to do what I set my mind on. :)