Throw Away the Old Playbook

Getting comfortable!

Most teacher's fear the uncomfortable feeling of change in the classroom. For many years we have used paper pencil, textbooks and worksheets, yet the classrooms are changing! It's normal for teachers to be uncomfortable with thought of using technology effectively in the classroom, but with its growing success this could really bring your teaching and student learning to a whole new level. In this website powerful learning practice you can see how you as a teacher can become more comfortable with technology and use it effectively in your classroom

Inman Schools one to one Ipad

Inman school has become extremely successful with the use of technology in classrooms in this videos they show you evidence of how effective technology can be in the classroom!
Inman Evidence of Success

Apps, Apps and more Apps!

With the more schools getting ipad and reaching to one to one ipad level there are tons of great app sites for teachers to download. These apps are a great easy way for students to incorporate technology into their classroom with just one step. here is one site that are all apps for multiple intelligences, all students learn differently and using these in everyday learning could really be effective!

Tools for Tomorrow

There are plenty of sites that can help make a teacher more comfortable with getting technology incorporated in their own classroom! Here is one great site to get started 20 exciting teaching tools for tomorrow!

Another awesome resource for teachers to use to technology and get great new ideas from is pinterest! This website has an entire section on education with great links and resources for technology in the classroom for the teacher and the student.