Kindergarten News

March 2019

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March has been a very productive and lucky month for us in kindergarten! Read on to learn about Dr. Seuss' Birthday Week, our in-school field trip, our new math and literacy centers, the personal narrative stories we are getting ready to publish, and - of course - our attempts to capture a very mischievous leprechaun! Also, exciting news about Mrs. Singer returning next month!


We are having so much fun exploring things we notice about poetry. We've paid close attention to what we see and what we hear in different poems. We especially like when poems are silly because of sound words and repeated initial sounds (like in tongue twisters). We learned some big, exciting words to describe those poetic techniques: onomatopoeia and alliteration. We LOVE saying onomatopoeia almost as much as we like finding examples of it in our poems and books! :)

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday at the beginning of the month lent itself perfectly to playing words and rhyming. We also discovered that just by knowing Word Wall words and how to blend sounds, we can read really long books. We can all read "Green Eggs and Ham" because it only has 50 words in it - and we already knew 40 of them before we even opened the book! We wrote our own books based on "Green Eggs and Ham" and enjoyed sharing them with each other.

In Guided Reading, we are all making leaps and bounds in becoming more proficient readers! We will start new reading groups right after spring break as the kids continue to improve their reading skills. In our room, we focus on using our Reading Super Powers. Ask your child what super power(s) s/he is working on super-charging. It might be pointer power, pattern power, sound power, "make sense" power, or perseverance power. Please continue reading at home daily with your child. Children benefit tremendously at this stage from hearing what fluent reading sounds like when you read to them and also from practicing their fluency by rereading their Book Bag books repeatedly during the week. Our goal is for the students to read like they are "talking to a friend" as opposed to a "robot".

Our favorite new literacy center this month was Rainbow Words. Students wrote Word Wall Words in the sand to reveal a rainbow. We've also been working on "Phonics Magic" when we change one letter of a C-V-C (consonant-vowel-consonant) word to make a new word. No matter how hard we try to stump our class, they can always do the magic!

Finally, our Word Wall word list is growing! Flashlight Friday was more fun than usual this month given the cloudy, stormy days we've had. We loved turning the lights off and seeing where the flashlight will land! We also have enjoyed looking for Word Wall words in any book or magazine.


After exploring a variety of personal narratives by some favorite children's authors, we have become personal narrative authors ourselves! We practiced writing stories about favorite keepsakes, people, places and memories and just this week decided on a small moment story to focus on for our final writing piece of the unit. We are writing our rough drafts this week, making sure our stories have a beginning, middle, and end, and that they have a lot of emotion in them. We all want our readers to feel good after reading our stories! After spring break, we will spend a couple of weeks revising, editing, and publishing our stories. We can't wait for you to read them!


Please practice finding our Word Wall Words in books, magazines, signs, menus, and other places. Airline magazines (for those of you traveling over the break) are chock full of sight words! :) Students should be able to recognize the words in a snap. Here are the words we've learned so far:

I, a, at, as, me, my, the, for, an, can, of, go, see, and, you, to, from, had, have, like, in, is, it, said, if, of, will, and, he, she, be, was, on, not, are, do, for, yes


Now that we're past the 100th day of school, we have turned our attention to learning how to solve math problems by comparing and combining sets. We have started math journals in which the children are learning how to show their thinking to solve a simple addition problem. We use a ten frame, tally marks, a number line, counting on, and/or drawing a picture. We also reviewed ordinal numbers this month and used rainbow beads to practice patterns and comparing sets. Our counting buckets were filled with leprechaun stones from Ireland, and we've been practicing counting them by both 10's and 5's this month! Finally, our March calendar has been the trickiest one yet with several different patterns for us to find and master. Ask your child how many patterns s/he remembers. (Hint: size, stripes, colors...)
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We are wrapping up our science unit on Motion and Forces this week. Last week we were finally able to get outside and explore slopes and collisions. Working with a partner, the kids explored how to get a ball to roll down a slope to hit a cone. We discovered that steep slopes made the balls roll faster than gentle slopes. We also found out that if the ball collides with sticks, garbage, or little bumps in the ground, it changes course.

On Wednesday, we were so lucky to have an in-school field trip when High Touch High Tech brought "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" right into our classroom! Scientist Kathy taught us through hands on experiments how air pressure helps airplanes fly, magnets help trains move, and wheels help propel cars. We each went home with an air popper and cars that we built on our own. Needless to say, we all had a "blast" with Miss Kathy and learned so much more about motion!


It goes without saying that besides learning about Dr. Seuss this month, we have loved learning about St. Patrick's Day! We planned and built leprechaun traps with a partner and carefully laid them out in hopes of catching a wee one and winning his pot of gold. When we came to school this morning, we found our room in a state of disarray! There was definitely some mischief in our room over the weekend! We didn't get lucky this year, but the leprechaun did leave everyone a hat, a bracelet, a glow necklace, and a piece of gold. We made a class book about what we would have done if we had found his pot of gold. Ask your child what s/he wrote. It will absolutely warm your hearts as many of them said they would buy some things for themselves but also give money to those who are less fortunate or to YOU! :)


Mrs. Singer will be returning next month on Monday, April 15th! I have LOVED getting to know all of your children and being a part of their kindergarten experience!!! They are truly a special group of children and it has been a privilege to be on this journey with them - and you. Thank you for sharing them with me these past few months. I'll miss them all very much!


  • Tuesday, March 19 - Kindergarten Music Program at 6:45pm
  • Wednesday, March 20 - Kindergarten Music Program at 11:15am (***Please let Mr. Cabin know ahead of time if you plan to attend the afternoon concert.)
  • Monday, March 25 - Spring Break Begins
  • Monday, April 1 - School Resumes
  • Monday, April 15 - Mrs. Singer Returns!!!


Book bags come home each week we have Guided Reading and should be returned to school the following Thursday or Friday. The books in your child's bag are a combination of books s/he can read independently and books that are at his or her instructional level. Your child will post a photo log of the books s/he is bringing home each week on Seesaw. Please be sure your student is reading books from his or her bag to you every night at home and sign the reading log in the book bag. Rereading books is an important skill on the road to becoming a proficient, fluent reader.


Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns.