Banneker Principal Weekly Update

January 21 - January 22

Principal's Welcome Message and P2 Theme

Greetings Banneker Families,

This is your principal, Robert L. Carter with the Banneker Principal Weekly Update. Welcome to the second half of the school year. The first semester ended Friday. If you made the switch from hybrid to distance or vice versa, that takes effect today. Those of you who are joining a new class, welcome. This week is another 100% distance learning week for all students. Banneker teachers are scurrying to get our vaccinations and when the metrics say it’s safe, we will return to school for in-person learning for families who chose that option. Last week’s Positivity Project theme was Prudence and there were so many great lessons in each class about prudence. This week’s Positivity Project theme is Perseverance. Perseverance means you complete what you start despite obstacles. You never give up. The concept of perseverance can most often be found in one’s active pursuit in overcoming obstacles. Congratulations on overcoming the obstacles related to the first semester of school. I am so proud of all of you. Have you set goals for yourself for the second semester? I know I have. Make sure to check out your child’s report card on ParentVUE next Tuesday. This is a short week, with only Thursday and Friday being school days. But it was a monumental week at Banneker and for our country. I hope you were able to reflect during Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday or during Inauguration Day on Wednesday. I remain optimistic about the days to come. Let’s have a great, short, week. Make sure to read on to see a new section titled “The Best of Banneker.” This week we are highlighting our KG teacher Rachel Holdsworth and our 3rd grade teacher Christy Irvin.

Specials A-Week

This week is a A-Week for specials

Positivity Project Resources for Families

Please enjoy taking a look at the family resources from P2. What a great resource. Enjoy.

Password: P2

MAP Assessment Information

In the next few weeks, your child will take a MAP Growth™ test in Reading and Mathematics on their LCPS issued device. LCPS administers NWEA’s MAP Growth tests each fall, winter, and spring to students in grades 2-8 and high school students enrolled in Algebra I and Geometry to determine their instructional readiness level and measure academic growth throughout the school year and from year to year.

MAP Growth tests are unique in that they adapt to your child’s level of learning. If your child’s answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next one is easier. This results in a detailed picture of what your child knows and is ready to learn—whether it is on, above, or below their typical grade level expectations. Since MAP Growth tests provide immediate and accurate information about your child’s learning, it enables teachers to personalize instruction to meet students’ needs at all levels of content knowledge. Given the importance of MAP data for teachers’ instructional planning, we ask that you encourage your child to do their best without providing additional supports which may skew the results. There is no benefit to a high score on these tests.

Following each testing period, you will receive a Student Progress report showing your child’s growth, which you can review with your child’s teacher for more insight.

We are truly excited to focus on your child’s individual growth and achievement. For more information about the MAP Growth test, visit:

The Best of Banneker- ALL About Rachel Holdsworth

My name is Rachel Holdsworth. This is my first year at Banneker and I am the hybrid Kindergarten teacher! I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I went to George Mason University for both my Bachelors and Masters degrees. I went into Education because I grew up in a family of teachers and quickly learned I liked telling others what to do :) (only joking--slightly!) I live with my husband, Perry, in Lansdowne. We don't have any kids, yet! Our current "project" is finding a new place to live when our lease is up in May, fingers crossed for something closer to Banneker! I enjoy (when I'm not healing from surgery) hiking and going for walks. I love taking pictures of landscapes and nature during these hikes. I love to cook and bake. One of my favorite things to do with my husband is visit Bluemont. Most weekends you can find us up on the mountain in Bluemont! I haven't done many interesting things--I haven't even left the country! However, I've traveled around quite a bit in the U.S. and each place that I have visited, I've gone on a hike! I have some great recommendations, as long as you're only visiting California, Texas, or North Carolina. The thing I love most about Banneker are my students. They make "work" fun and keep me laughing with their charm and wit. I also love how quickly I was welcomed into the #BANFAM. I know, for sure, my students won't forget how crazy this year has been, but I hope they remember the fun activities we did together, as well.

The Best of Banneker- All about Christy Irvin

Hello! My name is Christy Irvin. This is my second year teaching at Banneker Elementary. Last year I taught 2nd grade and this year I teach 3rd grade. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and went to school at Duquesne University which is located in the heart of Pittsburgh. I went into education to inspire young minds and instill a love of learning in them. I moved to Virginia three years ago and currently live in Winchester with my dog, Damien. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy being outside, reading, cooking, listening to podcasts, training my dog, cheering on the Steelers, skiing in the winter and running in the summer. I am a huge sports fan and worked for the Pittsburgh Penguins the two years they won back to back Stanley Cups in 2016 and 2017. I love the close knit community at Banneker and the dedication and enthusiasm of all the teachers that work here. I hope the students at Banneker continue to make the most of their time here and enjoy being a kid!

We Need Your Pictures!!!

Hi Banneker Families!

We want to continue to document memories we make this year for our yearbook and since we will not have a Turkey Trot day or a Parade page for the yearbook this year, we would love to include snow day pictures in their place! If you could please send in pictures of the students and how they celebrated the snow days this week that would be great! You can get them to us a couple of different ways.

  1. You can join the Shutterfly site which I have included directions for in this email.
  2. You can email them to your teacher.
  3. You can send them to me at

I would love to have as many pictures as we can get and fill up those pages with snow day fun! Thank you and please email me with questions. 😊



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January 21- First Day of the 3rd Quarter

January 21- MAP Assessment Window Opens

January 21- WIDA Access for ELs Window Opens

January 26- Report Cards Available in ParentVUE