Move Over Pixar Newsletter

Week One

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Welcome to Move Over Pixar!

Your amazing animation teachers are Maddie Ziegler ( and Cyndy Spangrud (

We are excited to teach your children!

Students are welcome to bring a snack and a water bottle to class. We will be creating some exciting stop motion movies using WIndows Movie Maker.

Check out your child’s work on Kidblog

Mrs. Spangrud's classes:

Ms. Ziegler's Classes:

Your child’s first name is the user name and the password is: Pixar!

(capital P and ! on the end)

We will begin uploading movies next week.

Project Schedule

Week One: We created a flip book using 10-20 pictures!

Week Two: All About Me Project using 30-50 pictures

Week Three: Stick Figures Come Alive! Animate a pipe cleaner person using 50-75 pictures


This Friday, June 19, your child will bring home a Ziploc bag to fill with materials for their 'All About Me!' project. We will take pictures of these objects and upload them to a special autobiographical movie. All objects will be sent home on Thursday, June 25.

The Grand Finale!

Use Legos to create a stop motion video. This video will contain 100+ pictures.