Related Arts News at The Grove

Locust Grove Elementary

May 2016

Music News by Tim Springer

It's been a great year in the Music room. During the month of May, students in grades K, 4 and 5 presented performances to showcase some of the music and dances they have learned this year. All the students did a great job! Good luck to all the 5th graders heading to middle school next year.

Students entering the 4th or 5th grade in the Fall will be eligible to join the Locust Grove Chorus and Orff Ensemble. Students who enjoy performing vocal and instrumental music should consider joining one or both groups. These ensembles provide a great opportunity for students to develop their musicianship to higher level. Watch for more information in August.

Hope everyone has a safe, fun summer. Look forward to seeing all the students in August.

Drama News by Sherri Eldridge

What a fantastic year in drama! I loved learning so much about the subject and how talented the students are! I how they enjoyed it and learned something too!

We wrapped up the year with the 3rd-5th grade classes presenting the plays that they created completely by themselves! The plays were not exactly Broadway ready, but I think it was completely amazing that elementary students could create them! The primary kids were also performing. The kindergarteners did puppet shows. The 1st graders did Reader's Theater, The 2nd graders created short skits in small groups. I can tell you that the Locust Grove stage has seen a lot of talent in the last month!

Over the summer, if your child asks you to play one of our creative drama games with them, I encourage you to give it a try. You might just have fun with it, I do! See you in August!

Physical Education by Clint Bennett

One more year in the books Lions! To all the 5th grade students, I'm very proud of you and can't wait to hear good things about each and everyone of you in the future. To all students coming back to Locust Grove, I look forward to seeing you all in a few short months. Be sure to enjoy the outdoors this summer and play hard. To all parents, unplug those computers and video games this summer and get those kids outside ( sunscreen of course).

Anyone running cross country in the fall can turn in paper work to the office: this includes money, physicals, and permission to participate forms. All physicals must be current up to one year of October 22nd 2016 and must be turned in before students can start practice in August. Physical forms are provided by your doctor, and participation forms can be found on the Locust Grove website.

Thank you all for another great year!!

The Art Room! by Typh Hainer Merwarth

Spring in the art room was filled with creativity and collaboration. The 3-5 graders worked in groups or solo, planning, designing and creating original artworks. The majority of students were drawn to 3-D sculptures creating diverse dioramas, castles, sports stadiums and more! I was thrilled by their projects. The fruits of their efforts were on display at the LGE Art show in the Library in early spring.

Art club finished up this spring as well and I’m thrilled to have the T-shirts for all the art clubbers t wear. Zander Townsend drew a fantastic dragon with colored pencils and Izzy Contardo created a fun logo using paint. I scanned their artwork and prepped it for the silk screener who printed them locally. I love seeing the students wearing their shirts proudly in the halls.

I have had a wonderful first year of teaching at Locust Grove and I am so grateful for the experience. I have felt so welcomed by the students, staff and families. Have a wonderful summer creating, playing, laughing, growing and all around sharpening the saw.

Ms. Typh