Canada & Japan in 2065

Population Comparison

Canada & Japan today

At this very moment the population of both countries are extremely different. Canada has is a very large country but in population wise it is small, Canada has a small population of 35.8 Million! While Japan has a staggering population of 126.8 Million! Obviously you can notice that there is an major difference, I'm going to discuss more differences about these two countires
Canada Day in Japan! (Part One)
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Push and Pull Factors to immigrate to Canada:

A lot of people immigrate to Canada for many reasons. Some come here to start a new family or to get out of the country their living in. That's what my parents and probably your parents or grand parents have done, to start a new family. But they're are many other reasons why people might want to come to Canada. In Japan people immigrate here for many reasons including; Better health care, Job opportunities, Security, Family, and in general just living a great life! There are reasons people might come to Canada to get out from their old country. Some reasons include; Poor health care, high risk of natural disaster, Not enough jobs, and just many horrible things! It's great that people of many races and religions come to Canada to make our country more diverse.