Down Syndrome

BY:Danielle Souare

Causes of Down Syndrome (DS)

-Redundancy of genetic material in their cells

-An extra chromosome

- An error in cell division called nondisjunction results in reproductive cells with a unusual amount of chromosomes

- An extra copy of chromosome 21

-The chance of having a baby with down syndrome increases as a woman gets older

Signs and Symptoms

These are ways to tell if someone has down syndrome

•Mental retardation ,upward slant to the eyes, decreased muscle tone,abnormal shape to the ears depressed nasal bridge,flattened facial profile, and laxity around body joints.

•White spots on the colored part of the eye,excess skin in the back of the neck , a single deep crease across the palm of the hand,a deep groove between the 1st and 2nd toe,wide short hands and fingers

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Long and Short term affects

-Delayed language and speech development

-Slower development than regular children


-Hearing problems

-Issues with intestines, thyroid,eyes and skeleton

-Short life span


No cures,no effective medical treatments,but because some conditions common with down syndrome are heart defects and mental delays ,good medical and supporting care is important.Treatment programs can improve skills like speech, physical, occupational, and or educational therapy.
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-Affects 1 in 1800 to 1 in 1000 live born infants

-People with Down Syndrome (DS) also have an increased risk of Celiac Disease

-Some Infants with DS find it hard to swallow or have blockages in their bowels

-Down Syndrome was named after Dr.John Langdon Haydon Down

-There are 3 types of down syndrome

-There are approximately 400,000 with down syndrome living in the U.S

-People with down syndrome usually live until 60