Eagle Eye E-News, September 22-26

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News


Monday-Kindergarten Color Day: Brown
    • 3:00 Ebinport Wellness Committee Meeting

    Tuesday-Kindergarten Color Day: Orange
        • Kristen Hahn will meet with grade levels today during their planning, third grade will meet on Friday.
        • Brian will be out of the building all day today for test coordinator training.
        • 8:00-1:00 Rhonda will be at the DO for Leadership Meeting- Please see Dr. Beard for any major issues.
        • 3:00 Faculty Meeting for certified staff only in the GT room (we may need to bring chairs). We will have a brief book review with Mrs. Vaughan and then will hear from the Apperson group regarding a Social and Emotional Wellness assessment for children.
        • 6:00 GT Meeting here at Ebinport

        Wednesday-Kindergarten Color Day: Black and White
          • 7:00-7:45 Birthday Table- See below for more details.
          • 4:00- Yoga in the gym
          • All GBE Declaration of intent forms should be signed...these should have come through an email using the online system.

          Thursday-Kindergarten Color Day: Pink and Gray
          • 11:00-2:00 Rhonda is at South Pointe High School for the Olde English Consortium Meeting- this month's topic is the new teacher evaluation system.
          • K, 1 and 2 Grandparents Day
          • Terrific Kid Write-Ups Due to Mrs. Brown

          Friday-Kindergarten Color Day: Rainbow Day
          • 3, 4, and 5 Grandparents Day
          • Student Council Elections in the Conference Room.
          • Ward Services at Ebinport: Remember your Appointment-they will be in the room to the right of Ms. Rutledge's office where iPads are normally stored.
          • Tail-Gator Party Sponsored by Sunshine Committee
          • Kristen Hahn meets with third grade during planning

          Color Weeks in Kindergarten!

          Please join me in supporting kindergarten with their color weeks. We encourage each staff member to wear the color of the day according to the list below for kindergarten students!

          Colors, colors, we love colors!

          Over the next two weeks, we will teach a unit about colors.

          We would like your help with our colorful weeks by wearing the color of the day beginning Monday, September 15th.

          Please see the list below to identify each day.

          Week of September 22-September 26

          Monday: brown


          Wednesday: black and white

          Thursday: pink and gray

          Friday: rainbow day

          Dr. Pew to Visit

          We are so excited that Dr. Pew will be visiting Ebinport. The date she will be visiting is December 16 from 8:30-10:30. I will send out a detailed schedule as this date nears. She will be visiting Ms. Wilson, Ms. Kiker, Ms. S. Bailey, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. M. Reid, and Ms. D. Bailey. If you would like to be included on this list please let me know.

          Light the Night

          A message from Diane Bailey...

          The Purple Regiment band students from Northwestern will be participating in the “Light the Night” walk for Leukemia on October 9. All monies raised by the students will go towards this cause. If you would like to contribute $10.00, you can wear jeans the week of October 27-31. I will be collecting donations through September 30. Please place your money in an envelop with your name on it, in my box and I will let Mrs. Kelsey know who will be participating. Thank you for your support!

          Diane Bailey

          Congratualtions to Mrs. Pundt!

          Mrs. Pundt's name was chosen from the drawing last week for the "Grid-It" cord keeper!
          Big image

          Classroom Observations

          Classroom observations have been going really well. If Brian or I have been in your classrooms this week you should have received written feedback through an email. Right now we are using a "glow and grow" model. This allows us to provide feedback on all the great things we are seeing and provide areas where we may have recommendations. We have seen great things that include lots of hands on learning, differentiated instruction, and small group work! Our goal is to continue classroom observations and to provide each teacher with written feedback at least once each nine weeks.

          Grading and Reporting: Notes from Leadership

          In addition to the grading and reporting email sent previously, I wanted to touch base regarding questions that were sent to me.

          K-2 teachers will have to input a grade for each standard for accountability and evidence purposes. Only the power standard score, which teachers now control, will show up on report cards.

          3-5 Report cards will be printed here at the school. Teachers should keep their own grade book at this point, though next nine weeks we are hoping that we can begin using PowerTeacher. There will be a section for personal/social development where the rating will be consistently, rarely, never.

          Birthday Table

          Church 180 has been a faith partner to Ebinport for a while. I met with Pastor Paul and Lauran George last week and they wanted to know how they could directly impact the lives of children. After discussion they agreed to sponsor a birthday table. On Wednesday morning this week they will have a table set up and will be passing out goodies to students who have birthdays in September. They will do this each month and celebrate summer birthdays in May or June. They will be given a list of students who have these birthdays and will give the list back to the school when they leave. The table will be set up between 7:00-7:45 at the top of the third grade hall near the world display. Please inform students of this treat!

          Science Benchmark Dates

          I sent out an email earlier this month from Kim Anderson and in the attachment it had dates that we will be required to give science benchmarks for grades K-5. I will be honest and say that I missed these dates when I read this email and I assume some of you may have too. So, the dates below are when we will give our first science benchmark tests. As I get more information I will pass it along. Some of you may have worked on creating these this summer and are experts regarding this...I know we will all be looking to you for guidance.

          Assessments will be given at the end of each unit.
          K, 1, 2, and 5 will be given the week of October 16-23
          4th Grade will be given around the 1st of October
          3rd grade will be given mid-December.

          As I get more information I will pass it along.

          Resource on Wednesday

          This year we are so blessed to have Ms. Nivens full time. I know Ms. Kellett is grateful to have a partner in crime! Having Ms. Nivens here has allowed for an equitable distribution of the number of minutes each resource teacher has on their caseload. Given this, we are excited that while Ms. Nivens and Ms. Kellett will still have to cancel classes occasionally for IEP meetings we will be serving students consistently on Wednesdays. I feel this will allow for added flexibility when scheduling IEP meetings to help meet parents schedules, and schedules of all those involved and will provide additional consistency with scheduling for those students being served. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please let me know.

          Guided Reading

          This year a major focus at Ebinport is guided reading. We have this written into our school improvement plan. In an effort to make sure we are all on the same page, I have asked Mrs. Vaughan to focus on guided reading during grade level meetings. Mrs. Vaughan will not be here this coming Tuesday, however, the next week she will be discussing the use of the guided reading lesson plan template. It is expected that all classroom teachers are using the guided reading lesson plan templates provided through the district or if you have created one of your own that it include all of the components of the template for that stage of reader. The templates can be found by clicking here to be taken to the district website. Please do not panic or let this create anxiety. We will work through this together. Brian and I won't start looking for plans on these templates until we have had time for professional development. We will begin looking for these plans the week of October 13. You should still have GR plans before this date, we will just be looking for the template or a customized template with all necessary components during observations beginning this week of 10/13. This will allow us 3 weeks for professional development during grade level planning.

          ConnectEd Calls

          Some were asking about the ConnectEd calls coming from 1-866 numbers. Here is an explanation from the District Office.

          There is a new feature in Parentlink that changes the caller ID of the message from the main phone number of the school that sends a message to a toll free 866 number. When a parent calls this number back it will prompt for the following.

          1. States that you are calling the Parentlink notification system

          2. To listen to the message in Spanish or English

          3. (1)Prompts to listen to message sent to a home (2) Prompts to leave a message to a teacher (Not active) (3) Prompts to get information regarding student (Not active)

          4. After selecting Prompt #1 they enter their contact # and the system will replay messages that they missed.

          The goal of this change is to help alleviate the calls to the front desk from parents that miss a call.

          Terrific Kids

          Our first Terrific Kid celebration will be on October 3. Kim will send a reminder next week to turn in your write-ups, however, they are due on Thursday. Please take time when you are writing these. These should be between 5-7 sentences. I know that sometimes it is difficult for us to do just one more thing, and TK may be just something else to us but to the child receiving the award, it is really SOMETHING! This may be the only recognition a child receives, please be thoughtful!

          SIC Meeting Notes

          Below you will find our notes from SIC on Tuesday. Many thanks to Ms. Doster, Ms. Thompson, and Mr. Matthews and Mr. Hollingsworth for their attendance!

          -Welcomed back our returning SIC members-Jessica Adamson, Biff Edge, Dawn Smrekar, Kelly Sebastian, Yerika Sheek, Teachers Kari Doster, Sandra Thompson and community members-Dr. Carlos Paxtor, Lauran George-C180 and Officer McCrorery.
          -Also introduced and welcomed new members Principal Kelsey, Teacher Jimmie Matthews and parent Whitney Leary.
          -Discussed school news (not going to elaborate here)
          -initiatives for 14-15 will be Gardens, Peer Mentoring (Eagle Eye Buddies and Lunch Buddies Support), Social Emotional Learning Project, Parent Communication
          -Wellness update is that Walk to School/At School is scheduled for Oct 1st. Kelly Scott to org meet and walk and Christi Beard to org the walk at school of bus riders between 7:15-7:40

          Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes

          Enter the Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes today and every day for a chance to win one of two grand prizes, including a $30,000 grant and a new playground. One of the grand prize winners will be chosen from among all eligible entries. A second grand prize winner will be chosen from a special drawing for Title I Schools. Anyone can enter on behalf of your Pre-K through grade 5 school. Spread the news throughout your community to increase your chances of winning!

          This only took me about a minute. We can enter to win as many times as we want!

          Beautification Work Begins

          Ms. Jothen continues to work on cleaning out storage areas here at Ebinport. She has not been feeling well toward the end of this week...we hope she is feeling better soon. Even while at home she is emailing me with reminders about the workroom. She is the perfect person for this job!

          Please remember to remove all items in the corner of the workroom. I will be putting in a ticket for operations to come and clear this out on Monday. Mrs. Jothen writes, "I really want to start with a new canvas on Monday and clean the rest of the room. I want to put labels up Monday as well. Also, if everyone can have the science kits labeled with the grade level and have them in the storage room by Monday would be great."