TAG Team 5 Spring Update

March 20, 2015

The Wonders of Wahsega 4-H Camp

We can't believe that our trip to Wahsega has come and gone so quickly! The trip was a huge success and our students learned so much through their experiences. The classes offered to us during the trip included stream ecology, herpetology, group challenge, survival skills, forest ecology, night wildlife, and a sensory experience. The staff at Wahsega were extremely knowledgeable and made us feel very welcome at camp. You can access the pictures and video using the link below. The pictures in this folder are the ones taken by by us and submitted by other parents. If you would like to contribute to the album, please email them to us for upload.

We are extremely thankful for those of you who were able to attend this trip as a chaperone. We appreciate the time you sacrificed from work and your families and the positive, upbeat attitudes you maintained throughout the trip. It was a blast! For those of you unable to attend, we appreciate you trusting us with your precious kiddos and for making this trip possible for them!

Social Studies & ELA Focus: Podcasts about the Cold War & Civil Rights Movement

Our young historians have been engaged in an investigation of significant events during the Civil Rights Movement and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Students selected two choices from a variety of topics and groups were formed based on common interests. Group members elected a project manager and then created group norms. Once norms were established, they began researching the topic of their choice. The greatest challenge they faced in the beginning was trying to decide how to divide the research. I have the advantage of knowing the about the event, so it would have been easy for me to break down the research for them. However, I had to refrain and allow them time to read for understanding and then divide and conquer. I'm so glad I held back because they are rocking it! In fact, Casey celebrated Jackson's ability to conduct extensive research on his topic this afternoon during our group check-in! (See his picture on Twitter!) You can read more about this project on the class website.

In an effort to allow the students more time to write the scripts for their podcast segment, exchange feedback with group members about script content, and record podcasts using GarageBand, I have extended the project one week. The field trip to the BOE has been rescheduled for Friday, April 3. We are expected to meet with members of the NAACP and Office of Civil Rights on Friday, March 27 to discuss current issues of discrimination. All are welcome to join us! You can also follow the sessions on Twitter as students tweet the information they learn from the presenters.

Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming Events

Please pencil in the following dates on your calendar:

Documents for middle school were sent home March 20. Please return these forms as soon as possible to ensure your child is registered for 2015-16, regardless of the HCS school they attend.

April 6-10: Spring Break

April 13-17, 20-24 Student-led Conferences (Sign-up doc to be sent March 23)

Georgia Milestones Testing Days: April 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, and 28th

Last Day of School and Awards Day: May 29th

Shaping up in Math

This week we will began learning about different quadrilaterals and their characteristics. Following that, we will begin our study of measurement. Volume is a big part of our unit as well. We will spend an entire week on it alone. There will be a quiz on April 1st. This quiz will cover Shapes, missing angles and measurement.

Quadrilateral Game: Students can practice identifying characteristics of different quadrilaterals.


Learnzillion lessons: These lessons focus on different shapes and their characteristics.


Volume: this lesson you will learn how to describe volume measures by using what you know about two and three dimensional shapes and the measures of area and perimeter.


SCIENCE: The Earth's Crust and Georgia's Landforms

Our focus for this study is limited to mountains, hills, plains, sand dunes, barrier islands, mesas, canyons, sandbars, and Constructive and Destructive factors.

Focus Questions:

  • What are some of Georgia's landforms?
  • What causes changes to landforms?
  • How do movements of crust change landforms?
  • How do humans change landforms?


Landforms book:


Thank you all for your support! ~Amanda, Julie, and Tessie