Edgar Allen Poe

By Kohl Kratz

Who is Edgar Allan Poe

  • He was a literary artist and a poet.
  • He wrote fictional books and simple poetry.
  • He also liked to write mystery stories.
  • He did not have a very life it was full of sickness and sadness.

What his childhood was like

  • Edgar wasn't very fortunate when it came to his childhood.
  • His father left him at a young age leaving his mother alone.
  • His mother died of TB when Edgar was just three.
  • He grew up and later died of a mysterious cause.

How much sickness and disease did Edgar have in his life.

  • Most of his childhood and later on in his life was filled with sickness.
  • His mother fought TB for five years before dying.
  • His wife that he married later on also died of TB after fighting for many years.
  • Although Edgar died, he did not die of disease.

When did he publish his first work

Edgar Allan Poe published his first book in 1827. He got many likes on the book which may have lead him to become a writer.

Most significant work

The Raven was his most significant piece of literature he wrote and was also his best selling and best wrote book he published. That's why it was his most significant work.

What are some evident themes of his work.

Edgar often wrote about his childhood and his life as a young man. They were often filled with sadness and depression. He also wrote about his dad leaving him and his mother dying of TB.

How he died

Nobody quite new why Edgar Allan Poe died. As he approached the end of his life he became an alcoholic and was found laying dead. He had no diagnosis so disease had nothing to do with it.

The impact

Edgar Allan Poe was one of the first people ever to write mystery writing. He pretty much invented a new type of literature which what is now very popular.

What Genre did his work fall into

Edgar's writings and poetry fell into two categories, fiction and poetry. These are some reasons why Edgar Allan Poe became famous.