Fruitvale Water Plan

What is the plan?

  • To drill more wells where there is not any contamination
  • To pump water from existing wells that are on the boundaries of the plume
  • To help remove the contamination from the well and to get calne water in 2 years.

Leading Edge Water Treatment to happen in Fruitvale.

Why should we choose this plan?

  • I chose this one because we will have a reliable source of water when we get these wells drilled it will be clean water.
  • Pumping these new wells are going to help clean the plume so more people can get more clean water to their homes.
  • It will not immediately remove the contaminants from the water.
  • There is a side effect the town will have to buy bottled water to survive.
  • This will not stop the pesticides from entering the rivers and lakes but it will give the town better water.

How much will it cost?

  • This project will cost about $200 to 400 million
  • This will take about 2 to four years to complete