By: Jack O'Brien

What is it?

Are you in search of a fun and new exciting way to learn playwriting and acting? Then join the Shakespeare club! No matter what skill level or age all are welcome to join! Follow us through this fun and exciting adventure making new friends along the way during this 3 month long club!


By joining this club you will be taught by yours truly, William Shakespeare! You will be taught about the basics of playwriting and how to act out your plays once they are created. William is one of the greatest play writers of all time, making this club well worth your time!

Side instructors

Have fun and learn or your money back! Guarenteed!

Acting expiriences

By joining you will be given a character and will rehearse and perform the play "A midnight summers dream" on the 5th of July at the RockWater theater. All friends and family are welcome to watch!