Shaping My Life

By:Mitch Griffin

My Life

Iv been raised as a good ole country boy. My parents have raised me in that way and I am glade they did. Some people think its a bad thing but if they could take my place for one day they would see that it ant really that bad.

Ways Of Life

Iv been raised on a little bit of a farm. I grow and raise almost everything I eat. My family has not brought mean from a store in a long time. Being raised on a farm is a good experience. Every one in my family was raised on a farm and now as i get older i thank them for raising me on one. It saves me allot of money and its pretty fun. Sometime it can be tough but in the end it all pays up.
Farmer Dan - My John Deere Tractor

My Religion

Iv been raised by a good God fearing family. I go to church almost every Sunday. I know bout God and what he is able to do. And if you don't know him your missing out on someone real good to know. Hes there all the time and you can talk to him no matter what time of day. I no my family has raised me up right by teaching me bout God and raising me right. My family is the main reason why i am who i am and proud of that.
Randy Travis - Amazing Grace

My Influences

The things that have influenced me in my life are my Pressure, My family, My friends, and my great papaw