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9/24/15 Parent and Student News By: Bonnie Hall, Principal

More Megabytes Coming Soon!

What Are They Working on in Front of the School?

We are updating our Internet speed within the school. I can remember years ago when we were one of the first schools around to have a T1 line. I clearly remember the day I placed the order for the T1 line and how thrilled I was. Now a T1 line is a "dinosaur," and we need faster speeds to receive data on our SmartBoards, Promethean boards, and wireless devices. Technology is critical to our academic program, and the faster data speeds are a welcome addition. Our school office is also fully computerized using PowerSchool's data management tools and SmartTuition.

AT&T takes care of the cost of getting the fiber optic cable to the building including repairing sidewalks, etc. We will incur a slight cost to install a circuit breaker/electrical box in the school hall. That particular cost is being covered via a generous parishioner who recently sent us a monetary gift to the school. In addition, eRate funding has been applied for to assist in covering monthly expenses.

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AT&T contract workers are running fiber optic cable from a nearby access point (near Jansma's) to the school.

Mark Your Calendar! Dress Down Day Alerts!

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Frankfest a Success!

Thank you so much for your support during our recent Frankest. Though the weather was absolutely frightful, the turn-out was delightful. During a storm, St. Ann School is the safest place to be. (Our school hall was once a fall-out shelter!) As soon as I'm finished reimbursing our expenses, I'll update you with a report on how much we made for the school.

Those of you who baked or bought tasty treats for our SAS Bakery, please know nothing went to waste. We brought the remaining treats over to the Church Narthex for a bake sale after masses. $233 was collected in free will donations.

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