Plainedge Summer Enrichment

Volume 4, Issue 1

Welcome to Summer Enrichment!

We are so excited to be back at the Summer Enrichment program! While last week was a short one, our students' schedules were jam packed! Our expert teachers and enthusiastic student workers were ready to greet, explore and have fun with your children as we started what will be our best summer yet!

Our art classes were off to a fantastic start. Paint N Create students viewed artwork created by Casper David Freidrich and focused on his use of space and texture. They also learned how to use different types of paint brushes to achieve various painting styles. The Dare to Draw class discovered continuous line drawings and then began to create a tropical landscape using one continuous line. The students will be using printmaking to create additional copies of their designs in various colors. Say it With Clay already got messy with their birdbath sculptures and our Art-Mazing students were busy creating mosaic name plates and spooky monsters using their own last names! It was a such a sight!

Summer Enrichment is a time for fun and playing with new friends. In our dance class, students played freeze dance to warm up their bodies and then made a dance chain. Our Sports Center students participated in Fitness Bingo, Capture the Flag, and laughed while playing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.

Summer Enrichment is also a time to learn about science phenomena and technology. Students in Makey Makey learned how to complete a circuit using alligator clips and USB cables. They experimented with how to use the Makey Makey board along with their Chromebooks. Our Lego students took apart their Lego WeDo and Spike kits to explore what was inside. They also enjoyed completing different Lego challenges with their friends. The students in our Breakout Edu/Escape Room classes worked through solving puzzles with their classmates. They learned to persevere, motivate their friends, and never give up even when something is tricky.

We were also so lucky that the weather cooperated with us this week and we all enjoyed a cool treat from Mark, the Ice Cream Man! There was so much Summer Enrichment spirit and neon colors filled the field and hallways on Thursday. What a great week!

We cannot thank our families enough for all of their support and allowing us to plan these amazing experience for the children. Laughter has filled Plainedge Middle School, and we know this is going to continue to be a great summer! Please remember to check our Facebook page, Plainedge Summer Enrichment, to see pictures of your children having the time of their lives in all of our workshops each day.

Reminders for Week 2

It's Spirit Week! Here are our spirit days. Dress up and have some fun!

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Disney Day

Wednesday: Career Day

Thursday: Crazy Hair/Crazy Hat Day

Thursday will also be Movie Madness Day. We will come together as a group and enjoy some popcorn and a movie together. More information to come about Movie Madness Day soon.