busy buzzing bees

By Courtney

Bee Bodies

Bees have different body parts. The three main parts are the head, thorax, and abdomen. Bees have two really big eyes called compound eyes. They also have three small sensitive eyes. Bees have two antennae and one proboscis (a proboscis is the hollow tongue that slurps up nectar). Thanks to scientists, we know a lot about bees!
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Life Cycle

Have you ever wondered how a bee grows into an adult bee? Well, a queen bee lays an egg in a cell. The egg hatches into larvae. The nurse bee feeds the larvae milk. The larvae grows a cocoon. The nurse bee puts wax over the cell while it changes. After 21 days, the bee chews the wax away and is now a busy bee. This is the life cycle of a bee.
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building a hive

Bees live in hives. All of the worker bees make the hive.The bee hive is made up of six sided tubes (or cells). Wild honey bees make their hive in creeks and hollow trees. These are just some of the places that bees make their hives.

bee jobs

If you were half of an inch tall and you were a bee, what would you do? Well, a worker bee has lots of jobs. The first job is to be a house bee and clean the hive. Three days later, it becomes a nurse bee and helps the baby bees. Ten days after that, it becomes a wax making bee and makes wax. One week later, it is a guard bee and guards the hive. One day later, it is a forager and it stays that way for the rest of it's life. So, if you like to work, a worker bee would be perfect!

bees are useful

Have you ever wondered how a tiny bee is so useful? Well, one thing that a bee can do that people can't is make honey. Scientists have never been able to find the formula for honey. Bees also help flowers and plants. They pollinate all kinds of plants to help them grow. If bees where extinct, there would not be a lot of plants and flowers and there would be no honey to eat!


  1. Sensitive eyes- all five senses combined
  2. Larvae- grub
  3. Cell- where a bee changes
  4. Forger bee- goes flower to flower to get honey
  5. Extinct- when something that lived long ago is dead and no more
  6. Abdomen- where a bee keeps all the venom