By: Harrison Williams


I have been playing baseball longer than ever other sport I play. Since  I was young, my dad was a huge baseball fan. So he had me start playing as soon as I could swing a bat. And now I play almost all year long.

My Favorite Position

When I started playing baseball, I was instantly drawn to playing catcher. I loved all the equipment, and how the catcher was known as the toughest player on the field. Even in Tee Ball, when catcher was the least important position on the field I still wanted to play it.

Modern Day

 I have been playing baseball since I was 4 or 5 years old. I have seen a lot of innings out on the field, and a lot of pitches from a lot of pitchers. So if I had to say, I am best at baseball. When I am catching I don’t allow anyone to steal bases. When I’m pitching the opposing team shakes and shivers in the dugout.

The Present

In my present day life, as a student and as a athlete I use the skills I learned from baseball have helped me in other sports and activities. Hopefully I will be able to play baseball next year in high school, and through college and maybe I will even be able to make a career out of it.
Baseball is a game of mant many failures. If you consistantly bat .300 than you are considered good. But that means you fail 7/10 times.