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By:Karree ,Tahrika ,Preston,Alicia

Red Cups Cause Controversy

The Eden Prairie High School Students are having to protest about the facebook pictures. The administrators couldn’t prove what was inside the red plastic cups. The punishment that the students of the facebook photos doesn’t fit the crime because they have no proof.

The Eden Prairie High School students who got in trouble ran afoul a new reality: “digital cameras and social networking sites make the entire world a public space”.It’s becoming increasingly common for schools and potential employers to check social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace ,and to penalize kids or other people for what they find.

Red plastic cups are only for drinking alcohol. The red plastic cups could have alcohol or soda that they were consuming. I’m so thirsty I can drink a ocean .

Facebook has setting for their own profile restriction . It has for just you, your friends, and your friends other friends. Friends or acquaintances of Facebook can post pictures of them in questionable situations without their knowing about it.One of the report issued in the last month found that most teens share their post photos and videos without any restrictions.Some of the students are foolish about what they put on their pages for views.

That teachers and administrators should not assume by the others bringing something for a website to their attention. They need to be logic to their students in the questionable situation. The parents have to sign the form for rules and penalties for the consequences for their child and other children.Most importantly it’s not safe for kids to assume what they do in small groups won’t be broadcast to the entire world.
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To the Editor

To The Editor:

In regards to the article Why I Hate Cell Phones February 4, 2014 by Sara Reinhardt. Cell phones are like ants at a picnic at the park. Your article is straight to the point about why you hate cell phones. “By people my cell phone number,I give them permission to contact me whenever they want,no matter where I am or what I am doing.” A cell phone is like a toy for teenagers and adults .

That cell phones actually decrease effective communication.We can use our cell phones for anything that's for good and bad situation to communicate with each other.We depend on cell phones more than our life expanded.Most people whether use their cell phones than computer to see life events like Facebook. Most websites make you lose interest in verbal communication because you can take it on your cell phone.

Ethan Couch

Judge orders Texas teen Ethan Couch to rehab for driving drunk, killing 4 By Dana Ford, CNN

Ethan Couch drove drunk and caused a crash, killing four people and injuring two. What he did was wrong and he didn't get sentence for the crime he committed. His parents always get him out of trouble when he do something wrong that he doesn't learn his lesson. He parents “affluenza” people because he was so rich he didn't know any better and couldn't understand that his actions would have consequences. As long as he’s isn't in trouble nothing matters to him. Ethan Couch is used to everything being given to him and people letting him off the hook. This situation is not just a “i’m sorry and i’ll never do it again” . This is the type of situation where he should get sentenced for manslaughter. I don’t understand why the judge didn't sentenced him for the crime he committed. If it was a teen who wasn't wealthy or rich they would have been sentenced for a long time but in this case Ethan wasn't sentenced. They just gave him 10 years of probation which probably doesn't phase him because he feel like since he’s rich he can whatever he want so he’s still going to smoke and drink. His parents doesn't even care about his actions that he has done. As long as he’s isn't in jail they don’t care about it. They don’t care about the lives that their son has taken and neither does he. Ethan is a in responsible teen who doesn't care about anyone but his self. He doesn't have any sympathy towards his family or nothing. Prosecutor Richard Alpert said "This has been a very frustrating experience for me”, he was upset because he tried his best to put him behind bars for what Ethan has done but it didn't work. Prosecutor were disappointed with the judges decision because it wasn't fair to other people and it wasn't fair. The judges didn't want to put him behind bars because his parents claim that he’s suffering from “affluenza”.

Ms.Michelle Williams Story

Are you a man who’s been viewed as guilty when innocent? Do you think it’s because of your sex? Then you’re most likely correct! Many men are the prime suspect, just because their sex. Men are not given as many chances as women, because we are viewed as more violent. Men also receive a harsher punishment too! Women should be counted just as equal as men in the court of law. Everyone should be considered a suspect!

A keller woman (Michelle Williams) withdrew her guilty plea for committing murder against her own husband in October of 2013. She was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Michelle aka (The Black Widow) withdrew her guilty plea in hopes that she would receive a lesser sentence to prison. The case is now in the jury’s hand, and she may or may not be charged for a crime she committed and openly admitted to doing. Originally, Michelle made up a story claiming that her house had been broken into, and the criminal had hit her and her husband in the head. She later stated that her husband had committed suicide, and that she staged the break-in to hide the suicide from her child. Police thoroughly investigated the situation, but found no evidence of the proclaimed “murderer” breaking into her home.

Too many women in our society are favored by the law. Equality to all Americans has become injustice! Imagine if it was a 6’2 husband with a dead wife instead… The husband would have been the first suspect in the case, with or without questioning. Nobody would even consider the mans stories without factual evidence to back it up. The husband would have been without a doubt, the murderer. When the man admitted to the murder of his wife, he would have been given a harsher punishment than just 18 years. Furthermore, if the man were to change his story after he withdrew his guilty plea, the jury would have most likely shown him no remorse! My point being here is that men have less of an opportunity with the law than women do. I’m not saying all men aren’t guilty, but many are considered the suspect just because they are a “man” at the crime scene. The majority of men also receive a harsher punishment in the majority of cases, when compared to females.

Michelle Williams was given multiple opportunities to stay out of jail, and is now being given another? Throughout the false alibis, pleading guilty, and now withdrawing her guilty plea, what other opportunities can we throw at her? As I stated earlier, men would have been convicted guilty and given no chance whatsoever by now in Michelle’s case, especially after they openly admitted to the murder of their wife. The judge should have taken no time to hesitate, and convicted Michelle guilty for murder right then and there after she pleaded guilty. It’s time for America to treat women the same as men in the court of law. Do not fall for their misleading lies, false emotional stress, or think of them as too feminine to commit a crime. Everyone is capable of committing a crime.

Giraffe Killed By Zoo and Publicly Fed To Lions

I'm actually proud because I think we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe that they wouldn't have had from watching a giraffe in a photo,: said zoo spokesman Steinbeck Bro, while he was slicing the giraffe in front of children and adults. They even had a petition signed by thousands of people and offers from other zoos to save the giraffes life, but that petition was ignored. Not only that, they fed the giraffe’s body parts to a hungry lion.

Marius, a healthy male giraffe, was killed by zoo members with a pistol while visitors were present. Steinbeck Bro said that the zoo, which has only seven giraffes now, followed the recommendation of the European Assn. of Zoos and Aquarium to put down Marius because there were already a lot of giraffes there with similar genes. They had dozens of offers to take Marius to another zoo and there was once offer to keep him as a pet, but they denied them all. They said that they couldn't put Marius in another home, the only option was to kill him.

Steinbeck Bro said a part of.

Letter To The Editor of Giraffe Killed By The Zoo and Publicly Fed To Lions

Giraffe killed by zoo in public in Denmark by Alicia Gomez February 18, 2014

Yes , I agree with Alicia because what they did to the giraffe what they did to the giraffe was very wrong and crucial . They could have sent the giraffe to another zoo instead of killing it . That was unnecessary. It’s so many zoos that they could have sent the animal to but they decided to kill it. They was being stubborn because another Zoo told them to send the giraffe to them but they killed the giraffe instead. They killed the giraffe like a cheetah kill a zebra. They even had a petition signed by thousands of people and offers from other zoos to save the giraffes life, but that petition was ignored. I feel like they wanted to kill the giraffe because if they didn't they would have took the giraffe to some other zoo.

What they did was very trifling and disrespectful to all the animals that’s out there.

They should have been arrested for what they did. They had the choice to take the giraffe to another zoo but they chose not to. If I was the mayor I would have close the zoo down because of what they did. They killed the giraffe in front of people saying basically they don’t care obviously. I hope this doesn't happen again to another animal.

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