How is Terry Fox caring ?


Caring is to be concerned or solicitous; have thought or regard.

How is Terry Fox caring?

Terry Fox's goal was to run across Canada for cancer research, He risked his life
for others Determination was never ending . Any luxury or offer that he gets, he refuses and gets them to donate the money to Cancer research. Throughout his journey Terry stopped and talked to kids. Terry's caring acts are still remembered today. Our school participates in doing a Terry Fox run every year. Terry is an idol to many people, his caring acts inspire people everywhere.

A short story about caring

There was once a boy who was very rich and clever. He had practically everything a boy could ever want, so he was only interested in the most rare and curious of objects. He decided to buy an old mirror. When the mirror arrived home, the boy went to see his reflection in it. His face looked very sad. he tried making funny faces, but the reflection was still sad. he tried getting all types of junk food and toys that makes him happy, But the reflection never changed. So in the same day, he went to buy sweets into the street to play and to buy a few toys. On his way to the park, he saw a little boy who was crying.The boy was crying so much, and looked so lonely, that the rich boy went over to help him and to see what had happened. The little one told him that he had lost his parents. So the rich boy decided to buy him sweets, toys and search for his parents, after a while they found his parents who were looking for him. at the end of the day, he returned home without playing in the park, and without buying sweets and toys. when he looked in the mirror, his reflection was happy.

the point behind the story was that money doesn't buy happiness. its caring for each others what make people happy.

What is Caring

A video about caring

This video shows kids defining the meaning of caring