Baker's Bulletin

January 17, 2014

This week...

This week, I did mid-year assessments. While doing assessments is not my favorite activity, seeing the results is the most rewarding part of my job. I always emphasize to the learners that the important thing is that I can see the progress they have made since the beginning of the year rather than looking if they are on a certain level. And WOW! Was I ever excited to see the results! There is not a child in 1C who has not made significant progress since they entered this room in August. I also know that I alone, am not responsible for the great results. So I thank you for reading to your children and listening to them read to you, and I thank you for taking an interest in their education. I truly believe, as the expression goes, that "It takes a village."

A peek at next week...

Tiles-r blends, double consonants at the end of wors

Language Arts- Adjectives, research- animals that hibernate, making a QR code with facts about our animal

Math-non-standard measurement

Social Studies- Economics-needs, wants, goods, services, money

Science-Super Scientists- Sawyer on Tuesday and Diya on Thursday

Other tidbits...

We are presently having a magazine drive to raise money for the library. Your child should have brought home the packet with all of the information this week.

Book orders are due next Friday.

No school Monday due to the MLK holiday. Enjoy the 3 day weekend!