America- A New Country

Kobie Koenig

J. Piermont Morgan

Who: John Piermont Morgan was born in Hartford, Connecticut on April 17, 1837. He would grow to be one of the biggest financial leaders in the world.

What: Following the family business, John started J.P. Morgan and Co.

When: J.P. Morgan and Co. started in 1871. It later would help financial trouble like the 1907 Financial Crisis and Depression of 1895.

Where: J.P. Morgan died in Rome, Italy on March 31, 1913.

Why: Morgan followed the family business where he started his own company after working for his father.

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Alexander Graham Bell

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Who: Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland on March 3, 1847.

What: Bell invented the first successful telephone. He took many inventions that didn't work and made it work. Thomas Watson also helped his with the process.

When: In 1876, the telephone became public after 1 year of work on it. On July 9,1877, the Bell Telephone Company was organized.

Where: The telephone went public in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Centennial Exhibition.

Why: Bell's father was into inventions for the deaf and he went to a big school for science at a young age.

Haymarket Square Riot

Who: At least 8 people died at the labor protest.

What: The Haymarket Square Riot went crazy when someone threw a bomb at police.

When: The event took place on May 4, 1886.

Where: The riot took place at Haymarket Square in Chicago, Illinois.

Why: Everything started because of the labor problems and it got out of control with the bomb throwing.

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Central Pacific Railroad

Who: Theodore Judah authorized the company. He had many Chinese people work for him after the first people quit.

What: The (CPRR) helped connect the railroad all the way across the U.S.

When: The company was authorized in 1862. The first rails were laid on April 1, 1863.

Where: The (CPRR) built from California to Utah.

Why: the company and workers made a lot of money once it was done.

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