Racism in the 1930's

To Kill a Mockingbird

Segregation in the South

The 1930's was a intense time for racial relationships in America. For African Americans, work was very minimum because of the effects from the Great Depression. Most bosses gave jobs to white. Although the number of KKK organizations decreased dramatically, racism was still very strong. Even though it was starting to get better because of Franklin D. Roosevelt there was still a lot corruption in the south which really affected each African Americans life. Which affected many black lives and even ended some. This corruption even affected the court in many ways.

How This Related To The Book

Tom Robinson Case

The time period and location this book place had a huge effect on the outcome. This book is a perfect example of racism in the south that was still occurring during this time. Throughout the book we see how racism effect peoples perspectives and there actions. During the Tom Robinson trial, it was displayed throughout the entire case. Tom Robinson was a black man who was accused of rape against a white woman. The character of this corrupt woman and her entire family for that matter, was more than Tom's life. The father was the one who caught the girl in her actions trying to have sex with a black man which was forbidden during that time. And instead of getting the girl in trouble he accused Tom Robinson of rape because he couldn't have the town thinking his daughter was with a black man.

The corruption of racism was so strong it even went into the court system because of pressure from racist whites. There was many things wrong with the trial from the start. For starters the jury only consisted of only whites. Which made it difficult for Tom to even have a chance because these were whites who have always been taught the integrity of a white woman was more important than one of a black mans. The second injustice was the Judge who governed the case. He was a judge who just went with the flow and didn't really have an opinion of his own. He just went with what people wanted and in this case it was a lot of white people wanting Tom Robinson hanged. Even though Atticus gave an outstanding and compelling argument it wasn't enough to overcome the racism of the south.