Tanner Burchell

Who I Am

About Me

1. i have a mom dad brother and a cat

2. like baseball football hunting bowling fishing

3. in 9th grade

4. 14 years old

5. go to holmen

6. favorite show Duck Dynasty favorite guy is Si

7. like pizza

8. like Brewers and Florida Marlins

9. like Greenbay and Dolhpins

10. like Badgers and Flordia Gators

11.like the movie Rambo

12. hate school

13. like summer

14. like boston celtics and mami heat

10 things you should do

1. chair is at proper hight

2. sitting up in chair

3. both feet on floor

4. body centered

5. 1 hand distance away from keyboard

6. fingers are curved

7. you are relaxed

8. know which fingers to use on keys

9. dont type while looking at your hands

10. wrists are low