If found- 50,000 Dollar Reward

Germanium has been on the run for the past 4 years and no one can catch him.

The crimes of Germanium- Germanium's main job is being a semiconductor. However, it does have side ally jobs such as transistors and the worst of all, integrated circuits. This is the worst know-to-man crime that we have today. It beats everything.

Bockground On The Criminal

Latin Name: Germania

Name: Germanium got its name from a German man named Clemins A. Winkler.

First Committed Crime: 1886

What To Look For

Color: Grey-White

Atomic Mass: 72.64

Atomic Number: 32


Appearance At Room Temperature: Solid

First Arresting Officer

There has only been one officer who has dared to try and arrest this awful humanitarian. His name was Clemins A. Winkler. He grew up in a small village named Saxon Erzgebirge. He was a professor to a small community college and his father taught him everything he knew.

First Arrest

Germanium was discovered in 1886. The were miners working out in a field and they ran across a rare mineral sample in the earth's crust. Something they had never even thought was possible. Germanium was born later on. The miners name and personal information is being protected from society and Germanium.
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Last Seen

The last appearance Germanium has dared to make make was on the Periodic Table Of Elements. Its number is 32 along with other criminals. Germanium was born into the carbon family. This defying element is found in the earth's crust

Known Associates

Germanium isn't on the run by itself, it has a few a accomplices such as silver, sulfur, and mercury. These other elements are just as bad as Germanium.

Warning Label

Germanium is generally stable while kept calm. However, if you do something to provoke him, there can and will be very serious consequences. The last person the tried to hand Germanium over to the police was last see October 29, 1999
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