December 20th

Ms. Lowe's Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Dec. 23-Jan. 6—Winter Break

Jan. 24- Exchange City

Next Week's Calendar

Monday, Jan. 6—No School

Tuesday, Jan. 7—(Day 1: Art)

Wednesday, Jan. 8—(Day 2: LMC)

Thursday, Jan. 9—(Day 3: Music)

Friday, Jan. 10—(Day 4: PE)


The class practiced multiplying fractions in a set, as well as multiplying fractions and whole numbers. They also practiced drawing models of these problems to reinforce the operation taking place.


The main focus of the quarter has been point of view and the use of context clues. Students completed the Post-Test on these concepts this week.

Social Studies

We continued our unit on the American Revolution. The class was able to access some great information by reading some mock articles of things that would have been said during that era. They then were able to answer some trivia questions regarding the Revolution!


We traced and measured the lengths of our shadows and recorded how those measurements changed throughout the day. Students then recreated this experience in the classroom using flashlights and globes to model the Earth’s rotation. They explained how a change in their shadow correlated to the Earth’s rotation.