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Small Group Topics

Small groups counseling is offered to students to support and enhance the development of personal and social skills and to support and promote educational success. Small groups provide not only additional social-emotional learning experiences but also allows the students a chance to belong, a chance to express themselves, and a chance to benefit from the support of group members.

As you get to know your students and specific needs arise, consider participation in a small counseling group to meet these specific needs.

Possible topics for groups are:

School Success Groups: School Success Skills group will explore and strengthen the skills for school success. Depending on the specific needs of the group, the group may focus on listening and attending skills, organization, study tips, test taking anxiety, and attitude.

Self – Concept: Building and maintaining a positive self-concept is important in being a happy, productive person. In group we will focus on appreciating our strengths and the things we can do well, and then developing positive thoughts and skills to handle when things don’t go right.

Girls 5: This group is designed only for girls in grades 5. This group is designed to enhance social and emotional development. In this group depending on the needs, I would like to focus on positive social skills and attitude, self-esteem, relational aggression, and self-awareness.

Life Changes: This group is designed for the student that is going through transitions and changes that may disrupt the life at home and school. Those students may have parents going through divorce or loss, or maybe the student is new to the school and is struggling with attending a new school. In this group, we will work on coping skills, anxiety, and effective communication.

Lunch Bunch: This group's goal is to foster friendships, encourage positive peer relations, and develop leadership skills. Lunch Bunch will occur twice a week with a different group of students each time and provides students with an opportunity to meet with fellow classmates on a more personal level. Students will participate in a variety of activities while focusing on a daily themed lesson.

Please review the above topics and or create topics of your own that you feel meets the needs of your students. Complete the attached Recommendation Form to recommend a students’ participation in group. Groups will meet once a week for 6-8 weeks for roughly half an hour to forty-five minutes depending on the session that week. Groups will be scheduled during the year to accommodate the need.