Marriage Advance on December 5

Marriage Advance Events will have four focus areas: Seeing the Problem, Communicating Love, Communicating in Conflict and Reverse Engineering Your Marriage. All aimed at helping you advance the extraordinary potential in your marriage in the upcoming year of your life together. This Event on 5 December will simply look at Seeing the Problem and Communicating Love.

Marriage Advance

Thursday, Dec. 5th 2013 at 9am-12:30pm

BLDG 840, Fort Carson, Colorado 80913 68 CSSB Headquarters

BLDG 840, Fort Carson, Colorado 80913 68 CSSB Head Quarters


Our Ability to provide childcare will depend on the number of registered children. Fill out the form below and mark if they are registered at CYS. If they are and we have a sufficient number then we will be able to host childcare at the event. However, if not, no big deal. We just ask that you utilize CYS's normal care. We want you here so please make prior arrangements.


We will provide some light breakfast items and we will break before lunch. We are however working on the possibility of providing lunch and certainly we will let you know if we are able!


All attendees will receive a copy of the Five Love Languages and some choices of other books such as Power of a Praying Husband and numerous articles and books.

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Morning Schedule

0900 - 0950 Seeing the Problem

1000 - 1050 Communicating Love

1100 - 1130 Breakout Session (we might make you talk..)

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