The design cycle

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What is the design cycle?

The IB design cycle helps you solve problems that you may or may not run into. This is a very easy process to follow to make sure you have the best solution to your problems. There are four main section (criterion) and those criterion are deprecated into four sections/ steps.

Criterion A

Criterion A

In this criterion you will identify your problem and research about you think you will need to solve your problem. It might help to research others work with similar problems.

Then you will create a very first "design brief". The four steps in this criterion are:

Explain and justify the need

Identify and priorities the research

Analyze existing products

Develop a design brief

This criterion is helpful for identifying and researching your problem to make sure you can make the best solution.

Criterion B

In criterion A you will brainstorm ideas about solving your problem. You will analyze and find out what you need to do to solve it. then you would do research about it and make sure you know what needs to be done. You will analyze find out what you need. after that you will research and develop a design brief. Then you will move on to the next step. The four steps of this criterion are:

Develop a design specification

Develop design ideas

Present the chosen design

Develop a plan

Criterion C

Criterion C is on of the most important criterion in the IB design cycle. The reason is because it is the 3rd step were you actually make the solution. Here are the 4 steps in creating a solution:

Construct a logical plan

Demonstrate technical skills

Follow the plan to make the solution

Justify changes made to the design

The 1st step is to make a plan so you know exactly what you're going to accomplish. The 2nd step is to make sure you know what skills you will need to make the solution. The 3rd step is to make the solution and follow the plan made in the first step. The 4th and final plan is to make changes and justify them to make sure you don't make in unnecessary changes to your final solution.

Criterion D

Evaluating can help you improve upon your ideas in making the solution. Evaluating is a very necessary part of the design cycle because it helps make sure you find the best possible way to create a solution for almost any problem you may have in the near future. The four sections if this criterion are as follows:

Explain the impact of the solution

Explain how the solution could be improved

Evaluate the success of the solution

Design testing methods

This criterion helps you improve your solution and Improve the work you may do in the future.

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