The Roar

Emma Clayton


The Roar by Emma Clayton is a little like Divergent and the Hunger Games. The government controls everything. 12 year old Mika and Ellie are twins. When one of them goes missing the other one goes on a search for them. The government built a wall to keep everyone away from the real world. They told everyone that they had killed all the animals with poison because they were a threat. Mal Gorman is in a high position of the government. He is persuading them to play a game called Pod Fighters. He said there is a "surprise" at the end. Mika and Audrey are two of the contestants. They are trying to figure out what exactly they will receive if they win. Was Mal Gorman lying about the wall. This is what Mika and Audrey are figuring out.

"Flings along like a laser beam from a blaster." - Eoin Colfer

Character Analysis

Mika: Mika is a very intelligent teenager. He is an unusual kid. Mika is a mutant. He has webbed feet. He is one of the characters who tries to stop Mal Gorman. Him and his family are poor and eat flavored mold. Mika can recognize/feel when something is/isn't going good. He is one that got bullied at school. He also didn't like to listen.

Audrey: Audrey is a girl who moved into town when the Pod Fighter Game was opened. She has the eyes of a wolf. Audrey is also a mutant. She has wolf eyes. Audrey and Mika have worked together to make it past the training. She is also a skilled and intelligent teenager.

Plot/Plot line

When the Plague supposedly hit, the government built the wall to keep the deadly animals out. The wall was 50 feet high and 30 feet wide. There are borgs adjacent to the wall to 'protect' the people. Everyone is now in the Northern Hemisphere contained by the wall. Inside the wall there are two divisions The Shadows where the poor people live and the Golden Turrets where most of the rich people live. Mika continues to search for his sister Ellie. Everyone said she was dead, but he refused to believe that. Mika goes on to enter into a contest where he believes he'll eventually find Ellie. Soon Mika figures out that Ellie was captured but still alive. Mika then goes on to win the contest, but he makes a deal with Mal Gorman. Not long after Mika returns home, there was a riot. Mika and Audrey went back to Cape Wrath for Ellie. After that Mika got to see/take Ellie home. Their mission is still not complete. There are still non-mutant teenagers that Mal Gorman is controlling.

Guarenteed a book full of cliff-hangers and surprises

Extra Characters

Puck: a monkey that traveled with Ellie. They are best buds.

Awen: Mika's imaginary dog.

Helen: Mika's counselor

Asha and David: Mika's parents

Rueben: the boy that bullies Mika

Kobi: one of Mika's friends from school

Mrs. Fowler: Mika's school teacher

Briony Slater: Fit for Life Nurse

Mr. Gray: The school principle

Tom : Kobi's game partner