6th Grade Newsletter ~ November ~

Butler Middle School

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Students of the Week for September & October

Each week one student from each grade is selected as the student of the week. These students show what it means to be a true Butler Bulldog by following PBIS school-wide expectations, working hard in class and showing kindness. Each month we will share which students were selected by the team of teachers to be named as the "Student of the Week."
September 16th:

Sammy Phaisikhieuv

"Since the start of school, Sammy has demonstrated a high level of positive participation in class. He shares his thinking by raising his hand, and is respectful when listening to ideas offered by his classmates. He is always on task, listens to and follows directions, and is willing to help to make our classroom a welcoming place for all. Well done Sammy, and keep up the great work!"

September 24th:

Kayden Ham

"Kayden has been a shining star since the first day of school! He is always willing to share his ideas with the class and is a role model for his peers. Keep up the amazing work, Kayden!"

September 29th:

Kadyn Ochoa

"Kadyn has been an incredible addition to our group. She gives regular feedback during class, is a major contributor in math and has a positive attitude for learning. She is always cheerful and helpful to others. She sets a lovely example for others. So happy she is part of our class!"

October 4th:

Elijah Aponte

"Elijah is a spirited and energetic student. He often has much to offer in the classroom. Last week, I observed Elijah intervening when a student was being put down. Elijah jumped at the opportunity to coach and encourage this student who was feeling frustrated by how he was being spoken to by a peer. Elijah needed no prompting from other adults. His strong character guided him to make the right decision in that moment. Elijah has shown in other circumstances as well that he is not a bystander but an upstander. He is a model for other students."

October 8th:

Olivia Suman-Fragoso

"Olivia is a ray of sunshine! Her positive energy, participation, and willingness to help others is contagious and motivating! The 6th grade and the Butler are lucky to have such a wonderful role model!"

October 13th:

Felix Rem-Pheang

"Felix is a very nice person who always says good morning and helps others by letting them go in line first. He always tries his best and asks questions in class. He is a positive member of the Butler community. Keep it up Felix!"

October 21st:

Sam Long

"Sam continues to demonstrate positive engagement with his classmates and his work. He participates frequently in class discussions, and will ask clarifying questions to make sure his work is on track. He also watches out for his peers, to make sure they have materials they need for class, and helps everyone prepare for their best learning. Well done Sam!"

October 28th:

Rosanny Nieves

"Rosanny is a positive member of the 6th grade community. She comes into every class with a smile on her face and always puts forth her best effort. This week she found money in a classroom that did not belong to her and took it upon herself to return the lost money. Thanks for being you, Rosanny!"


Grades for Q1 will close on November 8th and Q1 Report Cards will be sent home on Wednesday, November 17th.

Please be on the lookout, sign the report card when received, and have your student return it to their homeroom teacher the following day.


Parent Conferences will be held on Wednesday, November 17th from 6:00 - 8:00pm.

The 6th grade team will be sending a sign up form home with your child on November 8th. Please check off if you are/are not interested in a conference and have your child return it ASAP. There will then be a notice sent home for those interested with a specific appointment time. Please be on the look out.

Spots often fill up and sign ups will be on a first-come first-serve basis. All conferences will be scheduled for a 10 minute time slot. More information to follow.

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