Presidential Candidates 2016:

Views on Climate Change - Annie Walsh

Who is Bernie Sanders?

Democrat, US Senator from Vermont

Issues Being Addressed: College Tuition, Climate Change & Environment, Racial Justice, ect.

Views on Climate Change

  • Feels that the US must lead the world in tackling climate change
  • Hopes to transform energy system away from polluting fossil fuels -- move towards energy efficiency
  • Accelerate wind & solar power generation

Accomplishments in Tackling Climate Change

  • Led the opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline
  • Secured $3.2 billion in the economic stimulus package for grants to reduce greenhouse gas emission -- installed 8,500 solar energy systems
  • Introduced legislation that taxed carbon and methane emissions

Who Is Hillary Clinton?

Female, Democrat, Former Secretary of State

Issues Being Addressed: Criminal Justice Reforms, Climate Change & Energy, Disability Rights, ect.

Views on Climate Change

  • Believes that climate change is an urgent challenge that threatens all of us
  • Wants to take bold action to combat climate change, protect the health of Americans, & make the US the world's clean energy superpower

Goals to Combat Climate Change

  • Have more than 500 million solar panels installed across the country by the end of 1st term
  • Generate enough renewable energy to power every home in US within 10 years of her taking office

Clean Energy Challenge

  • Wants to make America a clean energy superpower & form partnerships with cities, states, and rural communities that are ready to lead

Who is Jeb Bush?

Republican, Governor of Florida

Issues Being Addressed: Reforming Washington, Defeating ISIS, Energy Policy, ect.

Views on Climate Change

  • Doesn't believe that it should be the biggest priority, but doesn't believe it should be ignored -- not developing a climate plan
  • Wants the US to work with the rest of the world to negotiate a way to reduce carbon emissions
  • Believes US needs to adapt and wants countries that have increased their carbon emissions to cut back -- refuses to weigh in on its cause

Who is Ben Carson?

Republican, Retired American Neurosurgeon

Issues Being Addressed: Balanced Budget Amendment, Education, Healthcare, ect.

Views on Climate Change

  • Not a priority
  • Does not think the rising temperatures are a big deal
  • Believes that the big deal is that the environment is under the people's control, so it's their responsibility to fix it
  • Leaving it up to the people to reflect and make their own decisions

Who is John Kasich?

Republican, Ohio Governor

Issues Being Addressed: Education, National Security, Balancing Budget, ect.

Views on Climate Change

  • Concerned about climate change
  • Helped take steps in Ohio -- reduced emissions by 30% over 10 years in Lake Erie
  • Proponent of clean coal and coal-burning power plants