By:Tyler wendel



Step 1:add-first you would find common denominator/subtract-first you would find common denominator

Step 2:add-then you would add the fractions/subtraction-then you would subtract the fractions

Step 3:add-finally you would simplify if needed/subtraction-finally you would simplify if needed

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Step 1:first you multiply across

Step 2:then you simplify if needed

Step 3:and if its a mixed number convert the mixed number to a improper fraction

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Step 1:first you make the division sign a multiplication sign

Step 2: then flip the second fraction around like shown in the picture below

Step 3:then multiply across like the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator

Step 4:finally you can simplify if needed

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step 1-put the two numbers in the house

step 2-move the decimal in the number thats not in the house all the way past the last number to make it a whole number

step 3-move the decimal in the number thats in the house the same amount of times you moved it on the first number

step 4-move the decimal thats in the number in the house straight up

step 5-devide

SWOOP There It Is: Dividing Decimals


step 1-move the decimals in both number(if so)all the way to make it a complete whole number

step 2-multiply

step 3-add up the times you moved the decimal in both number and move that many times back over to the left

Multiplying Decimals
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Adding decimals

1-line up the decimals when u right the fractions

2-bring the decimal straight down


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Subtracting decimals

1-line up the decimal when u line up the number

2-bring the decimal straight down