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April 11th - April 15th

Kellogg/North Sky Observation this week!

Kellogg Visit this FRIDAY!!!!

It's that time of year folks. The people from North Sky who do observational visits and report to Kellogg about our progress will be coming this Friday. These are the same people that have been coming in for the last 2 years. You do not have to do anything special if they are coming in to your classroom, just be the wonderful teachers you already are!

They do want to meet with a cross section of teachers for what they call a "focus group". Check out the attached schedule to see who was selected for this. Because this is a short time we will not be able to have subs. Could you please split your students between your grade level classrooms?

See schedules below...

IB Work

Please remember to reflect on your unit as you are going through it. Add your reflections and thoughts to box 6, 7, 8, 9.
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AIMSweb: Need to Know

None this Week


K – PSF - None this Week

1st – RCBM - None this Week

2nd - 3rd RCBM – None this Week

4th - 5th RCBM – None this Week


K- Intensive only- QDM - None this Week

1st-5th- MCOMP- None this Week

Where I will be this week...

Monday: BSE

Tuesday: TBAISD

Wednesday: BSE

Thursday: CSI

Friday: BSE, CSI

Important Events this Week...

Monday April 11th

2nd Grade Full Day IB Meeting (BSE Conference room)

BSE SIC meeting after school

Tuesday April 12th

Heather at ELA Scales Training @ ISD

Wednesday April 13th

3rd Grade Full Day IB Meeting (BSE Conference room)

BSE Kindergarten Roundup

Thursday April 14th

4th Grade Full Day IB Meeting (Small CO Conference room)

BSE Kindergarten Roundup

Friday April 15th

Kellogg/North Sky observation (See schedules above)

Last day to turn in Reading logs for BSE: REMIND YOUR STUDENTS!!! (I will still take them Monday :D)

Of Interest...