The Republic Of Gilead

A Handmaid's Tale Eli Y.M


is governed according to strict Old Testament-based religious dogma. Other religions are not tolerated, and those who do not conform are quickly executed by the state or shipped to areas of the former US known as the "colonies" which have dangerously high levels of radiation.Ruled by fundamentalist Christians Women’s rights are taken away-no reading or writing can’t have a job-The citizens in Gilead must share the same beliefs as the new totalitarian government. They execute and regularly hang people that oppose their beliefs or had done so before Gilead had been created(abortionists-doctors-,gays-gender treachery-,jew these people are marked.


Handmaid(childbearers):Dress in red and wear white wings/blinders to avoid eye contact Marthas(housemaids) wear green, and Wives wear blue. Econowives, the lower-class women , are sort of a mixture of all these categories, so they wear stripes. “Some in striped dresses, red and blue and green and cheap and skimpy that mark the women of poorer men." pg56 Aunts wear green.


Commander- most faithful entitled to establish a patriarchal household with a Wife, a Handmaid if necessary, Marthas (female servants) and Guardians. They have a duty to procreate, but many may be infertile, as a possible result of exposure to a biological agent in pre-Gilead times. They wear black to signify superiority. They are allowed cars.

Guardian- guards inside the Gilead

Angels- Soldiers that are on the front may be allowed to have wives

The Eyes-secret police they attempt to find people who are unfaithful

Iran(1979 onward) vs Gilead

Gilead mirrors Iran following the 1979 Revolution(Iran became a theocratic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.)

Both restrict:newspapers and magazines

-women's rights

-women's education

Both were theocratic (government by a deity or by a priesthood) and used violence to ensure proper behaviour

Iran: Hejab, or Islamic dress and head cover, was forcibly imposed.

Gilead: It was mandatory for all women to wear their respective uniform/dresses