Meeting Mt Best Friend

By: Cailyn C.

Has anybody ever told you the phrase, “ Everything happens for a reason”. Well on a hot summer day it started with a simple “Hi, my name is Cailyn”. And before I knew it I had just met my best friend.

“RINGGG” The school bell had just rang and I was walking down a long, long

sidewalk from my school to the school buses with one of my other best friends named Dane, who had brownish blonde hair and he was very short. It was September and cold outside and there was a giant tree that was ablaze with the orange, red, and yellow leaves that were beginning to make their descent to the ground. We were talking about

what happened that day at recess, and then he told me that he saw his bus so he started walking towards the bus. As Dane got onto the bus I started walking to mine and I was in the doorway when suddenly I was stopped by a teacher.

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Suddenly, a teacher stopped me that I actually didn’t really like so when she stopped me I was kinda freaking out and I turn around to see Dane just laughing.

“What’s your name!” she yelled. “My, um… my name, is...Cailyn. My name is Cailyn.” I barely managed to say.

“This is Abby.” Abby had beautiful brown hair that laid perfectly on her shoulders she a few inches taller than me and her nails were painted the prettiest shade of baby blue.

“Abby rides bus number 224 too and you're going to sit with her and talk to her.” she bellowed.

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When we got onto the stinky smelly bus, we sat down towards the middle and it was pretty loud. After about 20 minutes of pure silence between us, she started to say

“I can’t do it!” she cried. “You can’t do what?” I asked confused. “ I can’t get off the bus.” At first I was very confused.

“You can’t get off the bus?” I asked.

“ No, I’m just to scared.” My head was spinning and I didn’t know what to do so I asked her if she wanted to get off at my stop with me.

“You can get off with me if you want.” I told her.“Okay.” she answered.
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Then when we both walked off the bus and started heading towards my

grandparents house.

“So you know where you live right,?” I asked hopefully. “Ya,” she said.

“I live right down the street.” she said. We went inside my grandma and grandpa's house and I told them who Abby was.

“Grandpa, this is Abby, she got off at my stop and she lives right up the

street can we walk her home?” Of course he said yes and so we walking along the street

when I saw a familiar car coming towards us and slowly came to a stop.

Suddenly I heard someone's voice.

“What are you doing?” my mom asked.

“Well, this is Abby and she was scared to get off the bus alone so she got off at my stop and-”

“Stop,” she said. “You two will you get into the car so I can drive Abby home, and thanks grandpa, see you tomorrow.” she said.

“Now Abby, where do you live?”she asked.

“Well, um… there! That’s my house right there!” My mother and I walked her up to her door and introduced ourselves to her mother.

“Abigail why didn’t you get off at your stop like I told you to do this morning!”she asked angrily. Abby’s mom walked her inside then thanked

us and went back inside.

The next afternoon on the bus, Abby and I were actually talking.

“So what did you do at recess?” she would ask.

“Well I played kickball and jump rope,” I replied.

“Hey Abby, your stop is next, can you get off?” I asked nervously.

“Ya, I’m fine.” And from that point on, I knew we were going to be best friends.