Gifted Gazette

Centennial Elementary-September 2020

Happy Fall Y'all!


It has been so great to meet with the kiddos, face to face and virtually. I have enjoyed getting to know them. I have no doubt we are going to learn and grow together!

Groups have been created in Seesaw, and activities will be added each week. I encourage students to complete the Seesaw activities, but they are not required. I hope they choose one or two to complete to get their brain thinking!

Those whose kiddos are new to the program, each year GT students complete a project. We have not begun to talk about the project yet, but once we do and they have work to do for the project, I will let you know.

These newsletters will be posted on my website, in case you need to refer back to them. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.Thank you for your support.

We're a team!

Many thanks,


GT Schedule-Face to Face/Pull-Out

1st Grade-Monday 2:00

2nd Grade-Tuesday 2:00

3rd Grade-Wednesday 8:45

4th & 5th Grade-Friday 9:30

GT Virtual Schedule

Zoom Information will be in the Sessaw inbox.

2nd Grade-Friday 10:45

3rd Grade-Wednesday 2:00

4th Grade-Friday-1:30

5th Grade-Friday 8:30

Think Law Curriculum

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Read about the standards-­aligned curriculum Humble ISD has purchased to promote critical thinking skills. Your kiddos will receive this instruction throughout the school year.

Join the Gifted Parents Facebook Group

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Network with other GT families in Humble!

"Exchange tips about enrichment opportunities, learn about resources and events for GT students, find out about resources and events for GT students, scholarships, and support Humble GT services and educators Most importantly, connect here with other families to support one another in meeting the educational, social, and emotional needs of your students."

*This group is not affiliated with or endorsed by Humble ISD.

Additional Resources

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Free Parent Webinar: Helping Kids Thrive in Today’s World

September 15, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

Life can feel overwhelming, especially in today’s world of pandemic illness, school disruptions, and other anxieties our children are facing. This workshop provides parents with real-world tools and strategies to help children thrive in spite of the overwhelming current events. Registration required.

Register below:

Recommended Reading

Movie Night Ideas: Featuring Gifted Characters

Fall weather is the perfect weather to have a cozy movie night. Here are some ideas to make it a fun filled night, while watching movies about gifted people:

Netflix Documentaries

I watched these during the summer. I highly recommend them-very interesting!

Centennial Elementary Student Expectations

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GT Schedules