Adams Counselor Corner

Ms. Sara's weekly lesson and update

Message from Ms. Sara

Hello Adams Students and Families!

I sure do miss each and everyone of you. I am excited to try and "talk" to many of you with my weekly newsletter and lesson. Each week I will send out a new "at home" lesson you can do with your family. If you want, put them in my Ms. Sara folder in your Seesaw classroom and I can see your work and comment!

Weekly Activity:

Make Your Very Own Take A Break Fort!

Below is Ms. Sara's OPTIONAL weekly activity. I will post an new one each week. Take a picture of your fort and put it in the Ms. Sara folder in your Seesaw classroom so I can comment!

Student Instructions

Build a "Take a Break" Fort

  • Pick a spot in your house where you can build a break fort. Use items from your home to build the fort. A simple way to build a fort is to lay a blanket over two objects that are at least a 2 feet tall (like two chairs, or a bed and a desk). You can put something heavy on top of the blanket to weigh it down and hold it secure, like a book. Don't forget to add a couple calming items like a stuffy, fidget toy, or squishy. Pillows and blankets can also make it comfy! You can read, draw, relax, and do mindfulness activities in your fort.