Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Oct. 12th-16th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hi Everyone-

There is lots going on around here! I'm numbering things to keep it all straight for you.

1. Thank you for working on Math Stars sheets! We are trying very hard to participate and earn prizes because we like those little rewards. The link is on my homework website.

2. We have TWO-yes TWO- field trips coming up! One is in November and the other is in December. Please use these links for information about BOTH of them! (also on my website). November Field Trip December Field Trip (Costs can be combined and sent in at any time. Just label the envelope "Field Trips."

3. Please take a moment and see if you can help out the grade level with a mixtures in science donation. Here is the link to the Mixtures Donation!

4. Many of you are asking about looking at grades. Here is the link to more information about Home Access! Teach your child how to check his/her grades. It's a handy skill as they get older. Trust me on this. Home Access Log In

5. My conference schedule will be Oct. 19th-Oct. 30th. The Google sign up will come out next week. I always email you a copy of the conference form BEFORE our conference. I want you to know what I see. You don't have to bring this with you!!

Dates to Remember

Oct. 12th: Holiday for Students (work day for staff)

Oct. 13th-16th: Book Fair (online wish list OR order books from home HERE)

Oct. 16th: 3rd-5th Assembly and it's Sommer Movie Night!!

Oct. 26th: Field Trip Permission(s) and Money are due

Class Wish List

The class (and I) wish for...

nothing! We have everything we need right now!!

Thank you Avery G, Holden, Arush, Jenna, Audrey, Sam, and Tanush for Lysol wipes! We are set and ready to be germ-free daily!!

Thank you Sam for AAA batteries.

Thank you Audrey for staples, tape and blue click pens- the class loves those pens!!

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading- We will be learning how to read and analyze narrative poetry. Students will be learning how to identify point of view, characters and plot within a poem.

Handwriting- We will add the cursive d this week.

Writing- We will introduce how to write poetry. Our goal is to study narrative poems and try to write a narrative poem.

Math- We will begin our investigation of perimeter! Students will learn to measure for perimeter using rulers and grid paper. They’ll also find the missing perimeter using information they have on hand. Ask your child how they would find the perimeter of a shape. *We’ll also review telling time and finding how many hours and minutes are in problems presented.

Science- In science, we will be introducing changing matter and combining materials. The students will explore with changes from heat and learn about chemical and physical changes to matter. Ask you child what is a chemical/physical change?