My Lai Massacre

By: Bill Connolly


  • The Massacre took place on March 16, 1968
  • Between 200 and 500 civilians Where killed in My Lai (Vietnam)
  • The soldiers had been given orders from supreme command that all of the citizens of My lai where Vietcong and or active Vietcong sympathizers. They where given orders to destroy the town.

The Controversy...

The Cover Up:

  • Only a year later did the events that happened at My lai surface.
  • High ranking Army officials tried to cover up the event.
  • surfacing to the public when US soldier, Paul Meadlo admitted to killing "Ten of fifteen men, women and children."
  • Only later did it become clear that hundreds of innocent civilians where executed.

A Lasting Affect:

  • 14 Officers where charged with crimes related to My lai
  • Lieutenant William L. Calley was the only one convicted of the crimes. Personally killing 22 people. He Was sentenced to life in prison.


This event absolutely Astonishing, how could someone walk into a town and start opening fire on innocent people. Also how could the US military hide this from the public! that would just make me wonder what else they are hiding. I understand that the solders where just following orders but if I was one of them there is no way I could do something like that and be able to live with my self years later.
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