Is It Safe or Not?


Cheerleadig is regulated on all levels to ensure it is practiced and performed safely in gyms, schools, and colleges. Injuries have steadily gone up over the past few years in number and severity. Most people think cheerleading is dangerous, but it isn't.

Cheerleading and other Sports Injuries

-5,300 cheerleaders visit the emergency room in a football season, 2.5 million football players visit the emergency room in a football season.

-Other sports have seasons of sports and have more injuries compared to cheerleading an all year long sport.

-Cheer has the largest female sport and has more minor injuries than magor injuries.

Injuries Through Cheerleading

-Most injuries are minor such as spraines or straines.

-Cheerleading is a growing sport and it will cause risk of injury to go up.

-Most of the injuries are able to be treated easily.

Cheerleading Regulations Reduce Risk of Injury

-There is a set of precautions by AACCA to ensure safety.

-Research shows cheer leading injuries have gone down thanks to regulations and coach training.

-There are fewer injuries than any other female sport.