Children's House Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Arleo, and Ms. Dana

November 10, 2014

What's Happening…

This week we are learning about Dinosaurs. What did the dinosaurs eat? Were they all meat eaters? How do we know that the dinosaurs existed? The children are sure to enjoy being paleontologists this week. During Circle Time, we will read various books about dinosaurs. This is a great time to learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction stories. For example, is the story How do Dinosaurs go to School a fiction or non-fiction book? The books we will read include If Dinosaurs were Alive Today and Brontorina.

Please Keep in Mind…

November 11: School is closed for Veteran's Day

November 21: School is closed for Parent Teacher Conferences

November 26-28: School is closed for Thanksgiving Recess