Chinese Cinderella Comprehension

Book by: Adeline Yen Mah, Smore by: Eric Vu Dang



Adeline Yen Mah/Yen Jun-ling (Chinese Name) /Jun-ling (Given Name) /Wu Mei (Chinese for Fifth Younger Sister) /Wu Jie (Fifth Older Sister)

Aunt Baba

Big Sister/Lydia

Second Sister

Older Brother/Gregory

Younger Sister/Susan

Second Brother/Edgar/Er Di (Chinese for Second Brother or Second Son)

Third Brother/James

Fourth Brother/Franklin

Grandmother/Nai Nai

Grandfather/ Ye Ye

Father/Yen (Surname)


Niang (Stepmother)

Summary (Including the Narrative Elements)

After her mother's death a few days after birth, Adeline Yen Mah's Family consider her Bad Luck. Life starts to worsen when she and her family moves from Tianjin to Shanghai and her Father remarries with her Stepmother Niang, whom has subjected Adeline and her Siblings to her Disdain, and her Son and Daughter, are thoroughly Spoiled. When things get extremely out of Hand, She is forced to go to a Boarding School in Tianjin, where it is conquered by Communists, until Aunt Reine came to bring her to Hong Kong and went to a new School, and her Life completely turns around when she enters a Playwriting Competition and to her Surprise, Won a Medal and Fifty English Pounds for 1st Place, she then wishes to study Literature, and become a Writer, she also wants to go to England with her Third Brother to go to a Medical School and become a Doctor.