Bunburying One Step at a Time

You won't regret it!

What is bunburying you may ask

Bunburying is where you become someone else almost. Basically you pretend to be two different people. So one day you could be the nice caring next door neighbor, and the next day you could become anything you ever wanted to be.

One of the Best Bunburyer out there

He is known for impersonating Ernest from the play of The Importance of being Ernest.

The First Step to Bunburying: Being Ready

You should make sure that you are the right person that you are going to be for the day. You should always be careful of where you go and what your going to do. You should always know how the day is going to go and where it will end you at.

The Second Step to Bunburying: Lieing

If people ask questions about your personal life you should tell them the complete opposite of the true answer. You should always tell the complete opposite of the truth. Have has many lies as you can possibly think of because you never know what could happen.

The Third Step to Bunburying: Keep your personal information safe

You need to make sure that no one gets your information no matter what. If someone gets your information then they can expose who you really are. They can also mess with your money and you could lose things and then you couldn't get it back. Make sure you keep your information safe.

why would someone do this?

There are many reasons to why someone would want to do this. One reason would be to live a life that you don't live. Also you could get away from problems that you are facing. Also someone would do this to be by themselves.

Problems you could run into while bunburying

Someone could recognize you while your out. Someone could see your information and call you out.

ways to get out of these problems

If someone recognizes you then you should completely be taken aback. You should ask them who they are and how they know them. And that should be able to solve that problem. To solve the other one you could say that your one of his/her best friends and you are taking care of it while they are sick.

The end of bunburying

There you have it, the steps to what it takes to be a bunburyer. Now go out there and get yourself a new you. Literally.