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A glimpse into your child's past week! October 2

This week was perhaps a mini wake-up call for some of the students. The routines we've been practicing and the classroom community we've been working to build, all began to fall into place; Students have begun to see that I really do mean what I say! We have spent a great deal of time talking about the way that we show RESPECT to one another and to adults in the building. Please help reiterate this at home.

FRIDAY FOLDERS - They are coming home with your child each Friday and need to be returned, empty, to school on Monday morning.

READING LOGS - These come home each Wednesday and the one from the week prior is due on Wednesday as well.

MATH HOMEWORK - Students have done very well with this this week! It is very obvious that the students putting the time into the homework are gaining greatly during class time. I realize that this would not be possible without your help and support at home. Thank you so much. You are instilling great work habits into your child at a young age.

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES: Please sign up if you haven't already. Thanks!


In Science this week we learned about how landforms change SLOWLY. We learned that weathering is the breaking down of rocks, usually by wind or water. We learned about creep, the slowest form of weathering (this of bent walls/fences and crooked Halloween tombstones!). In addition, students learned the term EROSION. This occurs when sand, little rock bits, etc. are carried away, or exit the area.

We also learned that landforms can change quickly. These quick changes often take the form of earthquakes, floods and volcanoes.


We continued our practice of directions using a compass and began to familiarize ourselves with the TWO peninsulas that make up our state.

We are fortunate that in third grade we spend the year learning about MICHIGAN!


This week students learned our Math routine, consisting of three stations. They've expressed a strong like for this way of Math, which I am very happy to hear! I do know that the kids learn much better in small groups and with more one-on-one attention, so this station format is helping to make this possible.

Students who are spending the 15 minutes each night to complete the homework assignment are finding themselves at an advantage each morning, as they have a greater reference point for the content I'm introducing. I appreciate you making the nightly homework a habit in your household - I know life can be very hectic!

On that note, you can check the Weekly Reminder page at any time to see what homework has been assigned and the reminders that have been given. The link is located at the bottom of our newsletter.

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Your child has an AR Quiz sheet (it is bright yellow) along with a goal specific to them in their binder. Any books that they read at home they may also add to their AR Quiz sheet so that they remember to take quizzes on those books once back at school. Unsure if a book is an AR book? can solve that problem!

Students finally were able to take some AR quizzes in the Lab this week. This was a relief, as we've been reading many great books and had a lot of quizzes to take!

Guided Reading groups will begin on Monday.

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This week we were able to let our Monarch butterflies go. We had watched and cared for them as small caterpillars, witnessed them in chrysalis form, and then finally, arrived to school on Monday to find that they had emerged and dried their wings over the weekend.

I tell you all of this, because it served as great topic to begin our whole-class Personal Narrative. Together we are working through the Writing Process using the release of the monarchs as our story starter.

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Link to our Class Schedule

Coming Soon!

For now:

Tuesdays - Library 2:00 - 2:45

Fridays - Computer Lab 9:30 - 10:30

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


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School Fundraiser - WALK-A-THON! Please help your child to contribute to our school activities (after-school literacy nights, field trips, classroom supplies, etc.) by helping to raise money for our only school-wide fundraiser, Reid's Walk-a-Thon. The deadline is quick;y approaching!!! Please have your child return their Fundraiser envelope to school on Friday, October 9th.

Socktober runs all of this month! Socktober is an opportunity, sponsored by the Kindergarten class, to donate socks to homeless families. They are also accepted non-perishable food and household items, as well as blankets. There is a box where your child can donate their goods if they wish to participate.

Community Service Projects

Anna spent time helping animals at Adopt-a-Pet.
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