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Coding at home or in school with Scottie Go!

Coding and Scottie Go! Bundle Offer

Yes, education is going to be different this year – a mix of virtual, in-person and blended classrooms that will keep teachers, parents and children alike on their toes. In the midst of this new reality, one thing that does not have to change is inspiring your child’s excitement to learn. Weaving STEM into educational environments allows kids to learn important skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and communication along the way.

One of our favorite STEM skills is coding and we have a special back-to-school offer on our favorite coding tool - Scottie Go!

Scottie Go! is a progressive learning tool perfect for individuals or groups, beginner to advanced coders and combines both digital and tangible worlds. Kids take Scottie and his friends on adventure around the world as they collect pieces to rebuild his spaceship, all while learning valuable programming skills along the way. The game includes an app and cardboard tiles to code programs for hundreds of quests that can be scanned with a mobile device or webcam. Throw in our self-paced online coding course specifically created for the Scottie Go! game and you have hours of fun and real learning.

Find out more about Scottie and his friends.

Scottie Go! EDU
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Scottie Go! DOJO

In the world of Scottie Go!, Scottie’s next adventure depends entirely on the players - your learners. They decide who and what Scottie meets on his path and what coding challenges he will face. Having students design and create new quests and their solutions can be a perfect complement for in-class instruction or it can be a basis for after-school activities and coding competitions.

For each Scottie Go! bundle purchased this summer, we're offering a free trial for Scottie Go! DOJO.

Looking for more at home learning opportunities?

TechTerra Education's STEM Academy for students in kindergarten through eighth grade is an online course destination filled with engaging STEM programs for kids, all led by live instructors.

What does the Academy offer?

  • Education at home during or after a traditional school day
  • Engaging and educational content
  • Additional self-paced assignments throughout the week
  • Lessons in coding, digital storytelling, 3D, engineering & design, augmented reality exploration, and more
  • Parent resources
  • 12 Week Programs