Johnson's News

January 15, 2016

Report Cards

Report Cards are coming home TODAY! Please be looking for it. You can keep the contents of the envelope, but please sign the envelope and return it to school with your child. I am excited about the growth that I have seen in students and am excited about how they are beginning to apply what they have learned.

Next week, we are learning...

In reading, we will focus on retelling stories. When we retell, we talk about the characters, setting, and major events in the story. It will be so helpful for your child to retell the story to you every night. Don't stop there, though! Your child can also practice retelling after watching a television show or movie!

For Writer's workshop, students will continue to write opinion pieces. We are teaching students to use reasons to support their opinion. Teachers will begin to collect writing samples to show you at the February conference.

In math we will continue discussing and learning about 2D and 3D shapes. It is important that students begin to recognize shapes in the world.

In social studies, we will be learning all about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. Kindergarteners will need to be able to tell someone that MLK believed that all people should be treated the same and that he was from Atlanta.

Vowel Sounds and CVC Words

Students are beginning to learn about vowel sounds. Please review these at home with your child. It is important that students be able to recognize and produce correct vowel sounds in their reading and writing. This week's sight words (that, bed, big, not, and but )all contain short vowel sounds.

Gallon Ziplock Bags

Please send in a box of gallon size ziplock bags! Thanks!

100th Day!

Friday, January 22nd is the 100th Day of School! MPES will celebrate all day long with 100th day activities. This year we will be dressing with 100 of something (of your choice) on our clothes! Be sure this is something tht your child can wear all day long. Each grade level will have a winner for the most creative outfit. There will also be a school parade.

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