News from Room 15

O2K Class

January 27 - February 5, 2016

Dear Families,

We had a lot of fun the past few weeks learning about winter. I think everyone enjoyed “snow” painting, comparing penguins and polar bears, and experimenting with water and ice. We finished up our winter unit on Monday (since we missed last Wednesday for weather) and are ready to start something new. We will be starting a unit about our bodies and healthy habits. Some highlights will include making a book about body movements, washing our hands, tasting fruits and vegetables, sorting foods, and learning about keeping our teeth clean.

  • THANK YOU for all of the donations for our raffle basket that we have received so far.
  • We do go outside for recess whenever weather permits (the cut off for outdoor recess is 15 degrees/wind chill). Please make sure your students have appropriate outdoor clothing. It is helpful to staff if items are marked with names. Thank you!
  • If you can help with the Valentine's party on February 10th, please let me know.
  • If you have younger students or siblings that you plan to enroll for preschool classes next year, stop by the office this week. Enrollment opens to the general public on Monday,

Have a great week!

~ Ms. Jackie, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Patrice

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Theme and Stories We Will Share

Body and Health

Me and My Amazing Body by Joan Sweeney

Here are My Hands by Bill Martin, Jr.

Healthy Me by Melvin & Gilda Berger

Healthy Eating by Melvin & Gilda Berger

Always Be Safe by Kathy Schultz

Learning Objectives

We will know the name and sound for the letters Bb and Rr. (literacy)

We will be able to write the letters Bb and Rr. (literacy)

We will be able to segment the sounds in a word. (literacy)

We will be able to follow spoken directions. (literacy)

We will be able to draw a person Mat Man or ourselves). (literacy)

We will be able to sing the alphabet. (literacy)

We will know the letters in our names. (literacy)

We will understand the purpose for writing. (literacy)

We will be able to point to words as we read. (literacy)

We will know the attributes of volume and weight. (math)

We will be able to compare items by volume and weight. (math)

We will understand how to be safe and be kind on the bus. (PBS)

We will know the names of our body parts.

We will know ways to keep our bodies healthy.

Activities for Home

  • Talk about ways we use our bodies – hands are for catching, helping, holding;

    legs are for walking, running, standing, etc.

  • Compare items by weight and volume.

  • Practice the steps for healthy habits (ex – hand washing, brushing teeth) using the words first, next, then, last.

Duckling Dates

  • February 1st-5th - Duckling Days - wear duckling shirts or blue and yellow
  • Wednesday, February 10th - Valentine's Day Parties
  • Wednesday, February 10th - Book Orders Due
  • Friday, February 12th - NO School - Professional Development Day
  • Monday, February 15th - NO School - President's Day
  • Friday, February 19th - Duckling Dance sponsored by the Hackmann Action Team
  • February 23rd & 24th - Self-Control guidance lesson with Mrs. Beth
  • February 23rd & 24th - Pajamas for Diabetes Days (more info to come)
  • Friday, March 4th - NO PM Classes - Records Day

Class Goal

Our class goal for third quarter is reciting the alphabet.

Simon's Schedule

February 5-7: Alex B.

February 10-14: Brent P.

February 19-21: Lucia D.

Contact Information

Hackmann Office: 636-851-6200